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KPU is preparing for more on-campus activity in Fall 2021. For more on what’s happening for Summer and Fall 2021 [Read more]

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What Do I Need to Know to Start My Term?

Full Term Dates
Term Fall Spring Summer
First Day of Classes September 7, 2021 Janurary 5, 2022 May 9, 2022

For details of the 2021/22 Academic Schedule, visit

For important term dates and deadlines visit

Note: Trades and vocational programs may start on dates that differ from the full term dates listed above. If you are unsure when your program begins, contact 604-599-2000 for details.

Within KPU’s Registration Guide you can access the Online Registration Application to browse classes, prepare for registration and plan your timetable for the term. Each course’s delivery format is indicated so you are aware of online and on campus requirements when you register.

Once you are registered, you can access your online courses through Moodle at:

Moodle is the online learning platform where your courses are hosted. This is where you will login to find your courses and your course material, assignments and/or quizzes. You can access Moodle at:

Asynchronous online learning is the educational term for everything that isn’t “live.” This means you can access the course material at any time online.

Synchronous online learning is the educational term for live streaming. This learning occurs on a designated day and time to allow for real-time interaction between faculty and students. If your course has synchronous components, you will need to be available and online during those days and times.

If there is a specific day and time assigned to the class on the timetable, the section has a synchronous component (it may not necessarily be fully synchronous, but you may be expected to be online for a lecture on that day and time). If there is no day and time assigned to the class, the section is fully asynchronous. However, almost all sections have a synchronous exam.

The following are the minimum technical requirements recommended for students to access KPU’s online learning resources.

Some programs or courses at KPU may have additional requirements.  Please refer to your Faculty, program, or course requirements for additional guidance.


A Windows 10 or MacOS X Computer (laptop or desktop) with a minimum of:

  • Webcam (built in or external)
  • Ability to connect external devices as needed including where necessary: webcam, headset, and external storage devices
  • Ability to run office software like Microsoft Office 365
  • A screen large enough and sufficient resolution to easily view videos and edit documents.

Computer Accessories

  • Webcam – if one is not already integrated into your computer
  • Headset with microphone for improved audio quality and to reduce echo while speaking during video calls, classes, and webinars – if the computer has a good microphone, earbuds may be used instead.

Internet Access

  • A minimum download speed of 5Mbps
  • Browser like Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Where possible a wired connection to a router is preferred over connecting to a router via wireless access.  If wireless is being used, working as close as possible to the wireless router can help maintain excellent signal strength.


Accessibility Resources

  • If you require Assistive Technology or Accessibility Resources, please contact Accessibility Services via email at to set up a meeting.

You will receive details in Moodle from your instructors about your course delivery format, but please know this may not be until the first day of classes. For courses with on campus requirements, your instructor will confirm for you the specific times when you will be expected to be on campus. If your Moodle course site doesn’t already contain this information, or if you still haven’t heard from your instructor after the first day of class, contact your Dean’s Office.

Note: It is essential that students monitor their KPU email.

For further details on what you need to know for Fall 2021 visit