Calendar Tab


The Calendar tab is where users are able to view all the scheduled activities in instructional and common spaces that are controlled by this software. This includes classrooms, computer labs, conference centres, and public spaces. All general meeting rooms are not within this software these rooms are booked through Outlook (formerly found in Plaza).

The calendar displays a weekly grid of activities for a specific room.

Preconfigured Calendars

There are a number of preconfigured calendars to assist in selecting the desired campus or type of room. They include:

  • Cloverdale campus
  • Langley campus
  • Richmond campus
  • Surrey campus
  • Computer Labs – General – All campuses
  • Conference Centres – Richmond and Surrey
  • Public Spaces – all campuses

To quickly focus your search on a specific room or campus, simply select the preconfigured calendar from the Calendar: drop-down menu.

Preconfigured Filters

Many of the preconfigured calendars have additional filters so that users can define the specific building or types of rooms that will be listed.  They include:

  • Classrooms-General purpose – these are rooms that are bookable upon request through roomrent
  • Computer Labs-General purpose – these are rooms that are bookable upon request through roomrent
  • Conference Centre – bookable upon request through roomrent
  • Public Spaces – some are bookable upon request through roomrent

To quickly focus your search on a specific type of room or space, simply select the preconfigured filter from the Filter: drop-down menu.


Choosing the Dates

To change the date range of the weekly grid view use the forward and back arrows or click on the calendar icon to choose a specific date.

Viewing a Room's Calendar

The rooms that are within your specified calendar and filter will be listed on the left hand side of your screen in a Resource or Room list. The rooms are sorted by campus, building and then room number. Click on the room you wish to view, your screen will refresh and display the bookings in that room. Note, the room number will be displayed in the grey bar above the calendar grid.

Room Details

To find additional information about a room, hover over the small box displayed at the end of the room name in the Resource  or Room list. The room type, capacity, general description and features within the room will display.

Colour Coding

Rooms displayed in the Resource or Rooms list that are highlighted in red have activities booked in the room for the date range you have specified.

Coloured boxes displayed in the calendar grid indicate activities scheduled in that time-slot.

  • Blue - Scheduled class sections that students may register in. These room bookings are imported from our Banner system.
  • Green - Room bookings that are confirmed through roomrent.
  • Grey - Indicates that at least one partition (sub-room) of a room that can be split into partitions is booked. The conference centres are an example of a partition room.
  • White - no activities are scheduled for that time-slot.