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Co-op Program in Environmental Protection Technology

How to Apply

Participation in Co-operative Education is mandatory for all students in the EPT Program. As a result, Co-op admission is assured upon acceptance in the EPT Program.

Program Requirements and Information

For Environmental Protection Technology students to qualify for the first Co-op work semester, students must successfully achieve the following:

  • satisfactory standing and completion of first year program courses
  • successful completion of COOP 1101
  • permission of the Co-op Instructor

To qualify for the second Co-op work semester students must achieve the following:

  • successful completion of the first work semester
  • successful completion of all the prescribed third semester courses
  • permission of Co-op Instructor*

We encourage EPT students to connect with their program's department regarding the best time to complete their work terms.

* Instructor permission - Upon completion of COOP 1101, students must meet and maintain ALL Program Continuance and Work Term Requirements of his/her program in order to remain in the Co-op program. For most programs this includes a minimum cumulative GPA (including all transfer credits and undergraduate courses that may apply to their program), successful completion of COOP 1101 prior to 75 completed credits (prior to 30 completed credits for diplomas) and instructor permission.

Instructor permission can take into feedback from the COOP 1101 instructor and assignments, feedback from other KPU instructors (including attendance, behaviour, and participation) and suitability as an ambassador of the Co-op program. Students may meet the GPA and credit requirement but access to Co-op may be withheld or removed if instructor permission is not granted.

EPT Program Information

Please click here for a detailed description of what you can expect from the EPT Program at Kwantlen.

EPT Co-op Employment

EPT Co-op students have been employed in the following roles:

Compliance Coordinator

Climate Change Research Assistant

Community Water Protection Assistant

Environmental Technician

Field Technician

Environmental Analyst

Wages are determined by the employer and typical wages for a Co-op student range from minimum wage - $20 per hour.

Student Testimonials

Watch a recent Co-op graduate’s success story about her journey in the EPT program as Emily G. offers a few personal tips for making the most of your Co-op experience.

 "If I were given a do over in my choice of education, I'd pick co-op again. Not only does it help earn money to recover tuition costs, but it has put me in contact with industry representatives. The importance of getting out there and networking with industry people became obvious when I kept running into the same people, important people! Most employers look for well-rounded candidates to hire, ones that have volunteer or some work experience in their field of study. The Kwantlen co-op program allows you to graduate not only with a degree on paper, but with solid field experience that gives you an edge over the rest of the crowd." - Frieda S. - EPT Co-op Student

Employer Testimonial

"At City of Vancouver Waterworks Design Branch, we look forward to recruiting Kwantlen Environmental Protection Technology students each year. It has been an excellent partnership, in which we have found the students to be technically knowledgeable and well prepared for the work environment." Jennifer Bailey, Water Quality Program Coordinator, City of Vancouver, Waterworks Design Branch

To learn more about the Environment Protection Technology Diploma Program, please contact: