Marketing Management

Are you looking to hire a Marketing Management Co-op student? Here are some interesting facts to get you started.

Students are educated with the following skills:

  • Conducting business activities using contemporary social media applications
  • Analyzing quantitative and qualitative information using contemporary web tools to facilitate informed marketing decision making strategies
  • Developing creative media objectives, strategies and tactics to reach key target markets across all media and communication options and platforms
  • Collaborating skills with all functional areas of the organization
  • Developing strategic marketing and business plans
  • Working effectively in teams, assuming roles of leader and follower as the project/task requires

Previous positions held by Co-op students:

  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Outreach Communicator
  • Events Fundraiser
  • Market Research Assistant
  • E-marketing Project Lead
  • Online Marketing Assistant
  • Event Planner
  • Promotions Assistant

Additional program information can be found under the Academic Calendar for the Diploma in Marketing Management or Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management.