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Birch Building Renovation

Birch Building Renovation

Status: In Progress

Location: Surrey Campus, Birch Building, Second Floor

Description: KPU is pleased to announce a partnership with the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) to renovate the upper floor of Surrey’s Birch building this summer. Renovations will result in a refresh to the cafeteria’s servery and seating area, and will almost triple the amount of student multi-purpose space.

Renovations will include:

  • Opening up the cafeteria's servery for greater visibility and enhanced customer service. 
  • Deconstructing four rooms on the south side of the building to create a new 200 square metre (3,230 square feet) cafeteria seating area with views to the South and access to the outside patio.
  • Making the 320 square metres (3,444 square feet) of vacated space on the North side of the building available to the KSA for student clubs, meetings, and other activities. The KSA is currently in the final stages of developing a layout for this new student space and will cover the design and renovation costs for this portion of the project.

August 2016: The cafeteria renovation in Birch Building will begin Monday, August 22nd! The first phase of the renovation will be to remove the existing flooring in the Lobby and Servery areas, and to refinish the floor surface as polished concrete. Due to the extent of the flooring, the main staircase, elevator and washrooms in Birch will be temporarily inaccessible during the first phase. The cafeteria seating area, however, will remain open and accessible from the West exterior stairs.

Please be advised that the nature of concrete polishing will generate noise and small amounts of dust. Rest assured that we will take all precautions to minimize the disruptions and irritants. We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to update the KPU community on the next phase of the renovation.


Birch Building Renovation   Birch Building Renovation

Renovation Photos (Coming Soon):