BUSI Bonus Mark Program

This program is designed to encourage students to engage in learning activities outside the classroom.

For students enrolled in Kim Richter's BUSI 1110 L10, BUSI 1110 L11, BUSI 1215 L10, and BUSI 1215 L11 Fall 2020 courses.

The Final Exam part of the program includes two types of activities that you can complete for bonus marks. 

The two activities include: (1) Chapter Study Guides and (2) BUSI Exam Preparation Workshop.

You can earn up to 6 bonus marks towards your final exam. You must document your completed activities on the BUSI Bonus Mark Activity Tracker by the following deadline to receive your bonus marks:

  • BUSI 1110 L10: Thursday, December 10, 2020 @ 12:00PM
  • BUSI 1110 L11: Tuesday, December 15, 2020 @ 8:30AM
  • BUSI 1215 L10: Tuesday, December 15, 2020 @ 12:00PM
  • BUSI 1215 L11: Thursday, December 17, 2020 @ 3:30PM

Watch this video to learn more about the program:

Complete the instructions below for each bonus mark activity.

online_workshopChapter Study Guides

Chapter study guides are an important tool to help you understand the key concepts introduced in each chapter. Follow these steps to complete your chapter study guides and earn 2 bonus marks.

Part One: Complete Your Study Guide

Watch the "How to Complete Your Study Guide" video to help you identify essential information from your textbook:

  1. Read the  learning aid (review of the video).
  2. Click on one of the links below for a Chapter Study Guide template.
For BUSI 1110 Students:
For BUSI 1215 Students:

Part Two: Review Your Study Guide with Karrah

Watch this introductory video to meet Karrah, your BUSI 1110 & 1215 tutor.

  1. Book a tutoring appointment with Karrah.
  2. Attend your tutoring appointment with Karrah. You will review your completed chapter study guide during this session.
  3. Document your completed bonus mark activity, Reviewed Chapter Study Guides, by uploading the study guide you reviewed with Karrah to the BUSI Bonus Mark Activity Tracker.


Read this handout on

 for helpful tips.

online_workshopBUSI Exam Preparation Workshop

Attend a workshop that will help you prepare for your final exam. Follow these steps to earn 2 bonus marks. 

  1. Register for the workshop that corresponds to your course:
  2. Attend the workshop.
  3. Document your completed bonus mark activity, Attended BUSI Exam Preparation Workshop, on the BUSI Bonus Mark Activity Tracker.
Contact the Langley Learning Centre if you have any questions.

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