Post a Job


Coop Student 201020Please email your job posting for any of our co-op programs as email text or as an MS Word document attachment to, or submit your information through our online submission form.

Include as much of the following information as possible in your job posting:

  • Contact name & title
  • Organization name
  • Email address (this will not be given to students)
  • Telephone and fax numbers (again, these will not be given to students)
  • Complete mailing address including postal code
  • Organization web site address (if applicable)
  • Co-op job title
  • Number of positions available
  • Start & end dates of the co-op position
  • Hours per week & wage
  • Skills required (or preferred) for the job
  • Job description
  • Date you require applications by
  • and any other details you might like included

Still have questions? Contact us!