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The state of well-being encompasses many dimensions in our lives and KPU identifies six as important for positive health and well-being including: financial, social, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. During different times in your life there may be certain dimensions that are more prominently effected due to your age, society or educational status. There are many tools and resources that can aide you through these difficult times. Resources and links below are added to provide you with the support and tools you need to bring yourself back to a happy balanced you. 

We will be providing additional resources and links weekly to support your well-being. 

Volunteer Opportunity

“Are you interested in promoting health and wellbeing on campus? KPU Health Promotion is currently recruiting volunteers to join the Peer Wellness Program for Fall 2021. Peer Wellness Volunteers work together as a team to improve social connection among students and promote the importance of positive health and wellness across campus.

Peer Wellness Volunteers are expected to volunteer anywhere between 3-5 hours/week which will include hosting virtual social events for KPU students, engaging with our community on social media, developing health and wellness programming, and participating in outreach opportunities, all in collaboration with the Peer Wellness Team.

Peer Wellness Volunteers will also receive FREE training in topics such as: listening effectively, resilience, managing crises/responding/referring, acting as an empowered bystander, and honing programming and presentation skills. Volunteers will gain knowledge about health and wellness issues impacting students, improve on skills such as communication and leadership, and connect with other like-minded students and help contribute to a healthy campus culture.

To view the full job description and apply, visit KPU Career Connection. Applications are due by Friday, July 16th at 4pm. You can apply directly on Career Connection or by emailing a current resume and cover letter to studenthealth@kpu.ca.”

You may have heard of “box breathing” before—a technique wherein you close your eyes and inhale, hold, exhale, and hold again—each for four counts. Box breathing is a quick and efficient way to reset your nervous system and help you focus on the task at hand.

Use it any time of day, or especially when you’re feeling anxious or need to switch gears. It’s so effective at helping to regulate our mood, attention, and physiological response to stress that it’s been adopted by Navy SEALs, professional athletes, and police officers as a standard procedure.

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reset your focus

Mmmmmm Chocolate!!

We know—everyone’s tired of hearing about Valentine’s Day: the commercialized romance, sappy cards, and flowers that die within 24 hours (not to mention the exclusion of singles or those who identify as aromantic).

But I bet you’re not tired of reasons to celebrate and treat yourself, and holidays are a great reminder to do just that. So while we don’t love the clichéd heart-shaped boxes, we do love what’s inside them: chocolate. 

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Shower meditation
As students, we tend to have many concerns on our minds: complex timelines, looming deadlines, activities to juggle, and new and old relationships that need our attention. Despite our busy schedules, one thing most of us manage to fit into our daily routine is a shower. Check out this 10-minute mindfulness practice from CampusWell that can take the time you spend in the shower, and transform it into dedicated time to focus on your wellbeing: https://kpu.campuswell.ca/guided-shower-meditation/

You’ve tried a million sleep hacks—unplugging your phone, wearing blue light glasses, taking melatonin—and nothing seems to be working. But there’s one trick you may not have tried yet: harnessing the power of sound. Check out the article from KPU CampusWell here: https://kpu.campuswell.ca/sound-for-sleep-binaural-beats-pink-noise-asmr/

Are you interested in promoting health and wellbeing on campus?

KPU Health Promotion is NOW recruiting volunteers to be part of their new Peer Wellness Program!

Peer Wellness Volunteers will work as a team to improve social connection among students and promote the importance of positive health and wellness on campus. They will be responsible for the delivery of services through the Peer Wellness Program, including:

  • Responding to student queries relating to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and social wellbeing;
  • Referring students to health and wellness services on campus and distributing relevant resources;
  • Developing health and wellness programming for KPU students in collaboration with the Peer Wellness team;
  • Participating in outreach and student engagement to promote health and wellbeing on campus;

Peer Wellness volunteers can expect to volunteer anywhere between 3-5 hours/week, and must currently be enrolled at KPU with at least two (2) semesters completed thus far.

In addition to being a great addition to your resume, Peer Wellness Volunteers will also reap a number of benefits while being a part of the Peer Wellness Team, such as:

  • FREE training in a number of important topics that can be used in your future education and career paths, such as: active listening, responding and referring, honing presentation skills, and much more;
  • Gain knowledge about health and wellness issues that are impacting student’s health and wellbeing, including social connection, stress management, sexual health, healthy eating, and physical activity;
  • Gain skills like communication and leadership;
  • Connect with your KPU community and other like-minded students, and help contribute to a healthy campus culture;

How to Apply

Applications for Peer Wellness Volunteer positions are due by Friday, November 27th at 4pm. You can apply directly on KPU Career Connection, or by emailing your resume and cover letter to studenthealth@kpu.ca

What’s your happy place? A quiet beach? A nature walk? A family dinner? Do you ever stop and visualize your happy place when you’re feeling stressed? If so, you’re tapping into the power of imagery. Try this guided imagery meditation to see how this mindfulness practice works for you. Click the link here to access the meditation: https://kpu.campuswell.ca/10-minute-guided-imagery-meditation/

It’s not even over yet and 2020 already feels like the longest year on record. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and rising consciousness of systemic racism, there are a lot of reasons to be stressed out: fear of the virus, isolation caused by physical distancing, and having difficult but necessary conversations about race. The reality is, our sense of “normal” has changed completely—classes may have moved online, internships have been postponed, and social activities look much different than they did a year ago. Every one of us is dealing with a serious strain on our mental health.

Check out the following article from CampusWell that shares how students are coping with the uncertainty of 2020.

Thrive Month 2020
Typically, KPU celebrates THRIVE each year with a week-long series of events that focus on supporting positive health and wellbeing for students, faculty and staff. However, this year, we know that things aren’t going as planned. So we decided to celebrate THRIVE for the entire month of October!

This year, our theme for THRIVE is connection – connecting with others, connecting with your KPU community, and connecting to your own health and wellbeing. We may not be on-campus connecting with one another in-person, but we can still find ways to engage virtually.

Virtual events and activities will be hosted throughout October by a number of different KPU departments and services for the entire KPU community to participate in. A few of this year’s THRIVE events include: virtual fitness classes, trivia, TED Talk discussions, cooking challenges, workshops, scavenger hunts, and much more!

Students are also eligible to play THRIVE Bingo and be entered to win 1 of 5 $50 gift cards! All you have to do is attend THRIVE events in order to complete a full line on our THRIVE BINGO sheet. Submit your completed BINGO sheet via email to studenthealth@kpu.ca. Contest is only open for current KPU students. Don’t forget to take a screenshot to show us that you attended an event (or completed a challenge) and include it with your BINGO sheet. The prizes will be drawn on November 3rd 2020.

To view the full schedule of events, visit our website at: kpu.ca/thrive/thrivemonth

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on all of us, but it appears that lower-income adults—a group that students tend to be part of—are among the hardest-hit financially due to closures and job losses, according to an April 2020 Pew Research Center survey in the US. Among those, people of colour are disproportionately affected. In a recent CampusWell survey, 65 percent of Canadian student respondents said their finances had been negatively affected by the pandemic.

Check out the article by CampusWell.

Out in Schools is BC's award-winning education program that engages students of all ages on issues of homophobia, transphobia and bullying.

KPU Student Health Promotion is happy to announce that Out in Schools will be back to host another virtual workshop on Thursday, Sept 17th from 1-3PM. This workshop will use film and video with facilitated group discussion to inspire attendees to step into the challenges and the triumphs of LGBT2Q+ communities. Participants will be invited to ask questions and engage in the discussions to create and support more inclusive environments towards LGBT2Q+ people.

To RSVP, please email studenthealth@kpu.ca.

Out in Schools

Pride at KPU

Student Health Promotion, in consultation with the KPU Pride Advocacy Group, have developed Pride at KPU, a campus-wide resource that aims to provide safer and more inclusive spaces for people of all genders and sexualities.

Visit our new Pride at KPU website where you can find LGBT2Q+ resources on and off campus, a guide to LGBTQ2+ terminology, local events and activities, answers to frequently asked questions, and information on how to be a good ally!

As we adjust our lives to more on-screen connections, many people are finding they are dealing with virtual fatigue also known as Zoom fatigue.

Most people are working or studying from home and their work meetings or classes are hosted by a virtual platform. In most cases, we are also using those same platforms to connect with friends and family outside of work and school time. This in turn is causing many to feel the overload of spending copious amounts of time sitting and in front of a screen, more so than usual.

Virtual Fatigue
  • Allow Transition Time. Give yourself time in between online calls/meetings as you would normally in the workplace. Instead of allowing “travel” time to get to your next meeting, you are allowing yourself time to break up screen time, refresh and stretch.
  • Stretch. Getting up from your chair to do a few stretches as our body gets stiff when in the same position for long periods of time. (Check out Stability & Mobility For The Spine as well as our Desk Stretches Guide for some ideas) 
  • Use the best platform. Consider what the best form of communication is. Can this call be made over the phone instead of on video?
  • Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break! As we all adapt to our new normal with work tasks and meetings, our lives have all changed.
  • Find Balance. Add some ‘real world’ balancing moments into your day. Get fresh air, sunlight and drink lots of water. With the increase of virtual meetings and talking, water will help to keep yourself hydrated.

Out in Schools is BC's award-winning education program that engages students of all ages on issues of homophobia, transphobia and bullying.

KPU Student Health Promotion is happy to announce that Out in Schools will be hosting a virtual workshop on Wednesday, June 24th from 1-3PM. This workshop will use film and video with facilitated group discussion to inspire attendees to step into the challenges and the triumphs of LGBT2Q+ communities. Participants will be invited to ask questions and engage in the discussions to create and support more inclusive environments towards LGBT2Q+ people.

To RSVP, please email studenthealth@kpu.ca

This event is proudly sponsored by The President’s Diversity and Equity Committee (PDEC). There will be two additional opportunities to participate in these workshops in the Fall, so stay tuned!

Out in Schools

3 reasons to rethink your vitamin and supplement regimen

“In the world of wellness, dietary supplements are a big—and somewhat controversial—business. According to Statistics Canada, almost half of Canadians aged 19 and over used at least one nutritional supplement. Supplements aren’t just limited to dietary vitamins and minerals. They also include the weight loss and sports nutrition supplements you see marketed on Instagram. In both cases, many experts say taking dietary supplements isn’t helpful—and some can actually be harmful. Here’s what you need to know about potential risks to help you make the healthiest decisions.”

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Daily physical activity is declining and preventable illness is rising. It’s time to get up, get out, and get active! National Health and Fitness Day (NHFD) is an initiative to challenge Canada to become the fittest nation, starting with one day when Canadians get out and get active in any way possible. NHFD has close to 400 communities across Canada that partake in this initiative. With passage of the National Health and Fitness Day Act in 2014, Canada gained a day to celebrate. Why should you participate? It’s good for you! While most of us know that physical activity is an important component in living a healthier life, not enough Canadians are active.

What can you do?

#1 Get Outdoors
Here in B.C we are lucky to live in a temperate climate that supports us being outside. We have an abundance of hiking trails, parks and bike routes.

#2 Online Fitness Classes
During the COVID-19 pandemic we understand how challenging it is to remain active. To support you in maintaining your physical activity, KPU Sport & Rec is launching online fitness classes starting June 9th!


National Health and Fitness Day

Body Positivity



“Our culture’s obsession with body image is no secret. Social media, movies, and TV shows are known for their unrealistic portrayals of what the “perfect” body should look like, with the secondary implication being that what we have isn’t good enough. The reality is, there is no “ideal” body. Beauty standards change wildly from one era to the next. Still, 79 percent of Canadian students in a recent Student Health 101 poll admitted they worry about how others perceive their body and 76 percent have wanted to change it for purely aesthetic reasons.”

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Studying for finals or completing your end-of-year projects? (Cue the opening of Spotify’s “Ultimate Study Music Playlist” on devices everywhere.) Many students attest to the power of music to elevate their academic performance, according to a recent survey by Student Health 101.

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What Alcohol Does To Sleep

Ever hear that a drink or two of alcohol will help you sleep? Plenty of people think so, probably because they fall asleep more quickly when drinking. But alcohol actually doesn’t help with sleep—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. “You may be confusing quality sleep (aka better sleep) and quantity of sleep, or how quickly you can fall asleep (aka sleep onset latency),” says Dr. Michael Breus, Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in Manhattan Beach, California.

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Keep.meSAFE provides all KPU students with 24/7 Professional Counselling. Access to a large, diverse network of professional counsellors matches your unique circumstances with a counsellor who understands these experiences, in your preferred language and culture. Counsellors can provide immediate support and referral to address a range of concerns. For further information visit: https://www.kpu.ca/keepmesafe


Joy Jar

Working or studying from home can mean that we are sitting at our desks a whole lot more than we used to be. Staying in one position for long periods of time can contribute to discomfort and health issues including, lower back, neck and shoulder pain.

The good news is that moving or stretching is a habit we can build into our day! Besides keeping muscles flexible, strong and healthy, stretching has also been shown to reduce stress and increase mental acuity.

If you are pressed for time, there are stretches that you can do from your desk. Check out the Sport & Recreation stretching guide for a list of quick stretches.

Remember to breathe normally throughout the stretches. With each stretch, you may find yourself more flexible but don’t go further than is comfortable.



Take a peek at our Spring 2020 Article on the benefits of sleep and a few tips to help you create a consistent routine! (click image to enlarge)

Benefits of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep During Stressful Times

There’s no better way to start your day than waking up in the morning after a great night’s sleep. However, during stressful times it is not uncommon to experience a decrease in the quality and quantity of sleep we receive. With increasing financial pressures, concern over loved ones and the lack of social engagement due to physical distancing, many of us will experience some form of stress.

As our minds wrap around the new societal norms, it is not uncommon for many of us to experience a disruption to our sleep patterns or decline in sleep quality. Sleep experts suggest that major life changes often contribute to people experiencing powerful and vivid dreams – experts add that this could suggest an emotional impact on the individual.

If you are suffering from a lack of sleep this can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. It may increase the risk of depression and in extreme cases, lead to health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. That said, achieving a restful sleep can boost the immune system changing your day immensely. Sleep is our secret weapon!

It is important to understand that a disruption to sleep patterns is completely normal during periods of stress! Please do not panic if your sleep is disrupted or you find it hard to fall asleep. The tips below are here as resources and tricks to help you obtain more restful sleep throughout the night - especially during these challenging times.

  • Limit global news intake. This could be as little as checking in for 15 minutes a day or every other day. Keeping the news on all day can be depressing and put you in even more of a rut than before.

  • Keep a reflection/feelings journal . This is a great way to get things off your mind so you can continue with your day with weight lifted off your shoulders.

  • Focus on your breathing. Taking a few extra moments to take deep inhales and exhales can help calm you down, and get you back to your day.

  • Learn to Relax/Meditate. Taking time out of your day purposely for relaxing or meditating can help clear your mind of the stresses of the day. Sometimes relaxing is just as simple as taking a hot bath, lighting a candle, or curling up and reading a book and letting your mind escape into a new world.

  • Structure your day. Make a to do list of things to accomplish each day. This could be as simple as making the bed in the morning, or getting dressed for the day. By continuing your normal routine, you will have a sense of normalcy during a time of unpredictability.