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Apprentice FAQ

Apprentice FAQ

  1. Who do I call for support or trades program information at KPU?

If you are an indentured apprentice please contact Apprentice Services at 604-598-6102 or email


If you are just beginning to explore trades programs and are not an indentured apprentice through the Industry Training Authority (ITA), please contact the Office of Future Students at 604-599-3030 or email


  1. How much will my apprentice program cost?

The KPU Board of Governors has approved tuition and other fees for each program. They vary depending upon the type and duration of the program.  For apprentice programs, information is available at under the heading “Charges for Fixed Term Program.” 


  1. How much will my books cost?

Information on program textbooks for apprentices is available online at  (choose Cloverdale or Langley campus).  If you require additional information please contact the bookstore at 604-598-6020.


  1. Where can I find information on programs (dates, times, rooms)?


A listing of upcoming Apprenticeship intakes is available at:

Select - Apprenticeship 2020/2021 form the pop-down menu.


  1. How do I read the program or course schedule information?
    1. Select a term which are classes scheduled between April 1 – March 31 annually
    2. Enter search fields (e.g. Trade subject area) and select Search
    3. Search results will provide date, time, rooms and if the class has seats still available to register in
    4. If you require tuition and fee details click on the ‘Select box’ on the left side of the screen then select ‘Worksheet’ at the bottom of the screen.  The worksheet will display information on tuition, and student fees for the particular intake you have selected
    5. Please note the details in Course Search are informational only, to complete registration you must complete the Apprentice Registration Application


  1. Is there a cost for parking?

Pay parking is in effect at all Kwantlen campuses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Vehicles are authorized to park in designated parking stalls only.

Information regarding parking and transit can be found at KPU Parking and Transit Permit page.

Kwantlen is pleased to support the Kwantlen Student Association with alternative transit options including Intercampus Shuttle Bus Service.


  1. Need information on the Industry Training Authority (ITA) or apprenticeships?

Wondering about trades and apprenticeships and the jobs that could be available to you? ITA guides you through everything you need to know about apprenticeships and industry training in BC – your pathway to a rewarding career visit the ITA British Columbia.


  1. Where can I find information in applying for Employment Insurance Benefits (EI)?

Most Apprentices are eligible to collect Employment Insurance benefits during their in-school sessions and may be eligible for additional benefits such as travel or lodging allowances. Apprentices must apply for benefits a minimum of 4 weeks prior to class start.  Details can be verified at Service Canada's website.