Appliance Service Technician

Appliance Servicing

The Appliance Service Technician: Certificate program prepares students for entry into the appliance service and repair industry.  Students complete all of the in school training  required for red seal qualifications and develop their skills thorough hands-on opportunities.  Students also acquire a sound knowledge of common appliance systems and essential skills necessary to succeed in the industry.

Graduates of the program are successfully employed as technicians, owners, managers, and technical trainers in the appliance industry.   Commercial cooking servicing, vending machine repair, furnace and fireplace service sector, as well as other "electromechanical" occupations are also open to graduates.

Students from across Canada are registered in our program.

For program dates, please refer to the Program Schedule menu.  This 39 week fulltime program has two intakes.  The Fall intake runs from September to June.  The Spring Intake runs from March to December.

For more information please contact Appliance Servicing Instructor David Fengstad at or Dominic Andreone at

Gas Appliance Service Technician Certificate of Qualification Preparation

Gas Appliance Service Technician Certificate of Qualification Preparation students will study the basic theory and practices of the administration and regulations of the B.C. Gas Act.  They will study the properties of gases, piping, burners (pilot & atmospheric), flame characteristics, orifices, combustion, air supply, venting, basic electricity, flame safety, operating valves, propane cylinders and servicing.  Students will learn safety and the use of basic tools and meters in gas servicing.

This program is not currently being offered at KPU and there’s currently no timetable for its return.

Students are encouraged to connect with directly to find out about possible opportunities to take this course.