Parts, Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution

Parts & Warehousing

A Parts & Warehousing Person is involved in ordering, warehousing and keeping inventory control over parts and accessories for industries like the automotive, commercial transport, heavy duty, marine and warehousing sectors. They are responsible for helping these parts, accessories and warehouse products make their way from manufacturers to consumers, documenting and tracking their progress along the way from factories to warehouses to retail outlets. A Parts & Warehousing Person is often responsible for receiving goods and sorting incoming parts, supplies and materials in a warehouse atmosphere. They maintain shipping and receiving records on the amount, kind and location of parts and supplies shipped or received and process purchases and reconcile inventories with physical counts.

Parts Foundation

Parts, Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution: Citation (Foundation) is a 20 week program that prepares students for employment in the parts and service industry.  Utilizing various computerized software applications, students will become knowledgeable in various techniques in inventory management, ordering, billing, identification, processes, and customer service skills.  Students will be provided opportunities to apply the practical skills taught throughout the program supporting the Cloverdale campus Auto Service Parts Department.  Students who complete the Foundation program are eligible for credit for the first level of apprenticeship technical training, as well as 300 work-based hours toward completion of the Partsperson apprenticeship programs.

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Apprentice Training

Full-time: 3 weeks, Cloverdale Campus

Program Offers: Levels 1, 2 & 3

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Please Note:  This program is fully online.

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