Careers | Parts & Warehousing

Job Description

There are many different career choices available for anyone entering this program. They vary depending upon the specific interest.

Some of the choices include: parts person, service writer, service advisor, warehouseperson, shipper/receiver — with advancement into entry level management positions.

Working Conditions

Working conditions can vary, ranging from a warehouse environment, to a service station, small repair facility, to a retail parts store, or a dealership.

The work is almost always indoors, aside from the occasional trip out to the customer's vehicle for vehicle information.

It is not an occupational field that has seasonal employment as most businesses are busy year round.

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities are many, thanks to the variance and diversity of training. Opportunities can be found in: Automotive, Marine, Forestry, Mining, Agriculture and Aviation Sectors. In fact, any time a part must be purchased, stored, moved, counted, or shipped out to a customer, you need a parts person. This includes Industries not automotive related, such as Electrical supply houses, Manufacturing and Appliances. The automotive industry has many older employees who will be retiring soon. This allows for greater opportunities for those individuals who wish to start training now.

Males and females alike, have found rewarding job opportunities.

Customer contact is varied, and you will deal with many different people each day, from customers on the phone, customer inquiries or technicians requiring parts or service.

No two days are the same, and most jobs are in a fast-paced environment where the ability to multi-task and think on your feet is essential.

The parts and service program has various industry connections and partnerships. There are opportunities to complete a work experience practicum within the industry. This is a great way for potential employers to evaluate and help in training students.

Student Employment

Kwantlen students are eligible for employment both on and off campus. Please see the Student Employment Centre for job posting and instructions for using Workopolis.

Working at Kwantlen

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