Millwright/Industrial Mechanic


Millwright Installation

Millwrights install, maintain, dismantle and overhaul machinery, such as heavy mechanical equipment, conveyor systems, pulleys, mechanical clutches, gear boxes, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems. These operation systems are found in a variety of workplace settings, such as repair shops, manufacturing plants, construction sites, mines, logging operations and production plants.

Millwrights work from plans and blueprints, do installations, do overhauls and repairs which require the use of hand tools and power tools. The use of lathes, milling machines and grinders may be required to make customized parts or repairs.

Millwrights are also involved in routine tasks, such as lubrication of machinery, seal replacement, cleaning of parts during an overhaul and preventative maintenance.


Millwright Foundation

Millwright: Citation (Foundation) is a 24 week program that prepares students for employment as an Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) apprentice.  Students will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and effectively. Graduates from the citation acquire credit for the first level of technical training.  Students are provided ongoing opportunities to apply the practical skills taught throughout the program in hand, power and machine tool use, and perform various shop projects in stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, overhauling and installation.

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Apprentice Training

Full-time: 7 weeks, Cloverdale Campus

Program Offers: Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4

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Youth TRAIN in Trades

Currently offered in partnership with various school districts

Program: 24 week Foundation level training

Contact: Please contact your school counsellor for more information.