Power Line Technician

Power Line Technician


The Power Line Technician Program is designed to meet the needs of both public and private sector employers. Where applicable, all courses meet or exceed Workers' Compensation Board Regulation(s) and those set by other Provincial regulatory agencies.

Electrical Industry Training Institute is a technical training provider for Power Line Technician (PLT) apprenticeships for the province of British Columbia. Our three-year Power Line apprenticeship features hands-on learning with industry-standard equipment, and instructors who are recognized as among the best in the industry. The PLT Pre-Apprenticeship Program is the first of its kind in Western Canada.

Electrical Industry Training Institute (EITI) also offers a broad range of journeyperson upgrading and refresher courses, and we are open to input from industry as to new course topics.

EITI has the ability to provide training for both Overhead and Underground trades upgrading, including the most current safety and maintenance procedures, e.g. Rigging and Live Line Procedures, Underground Residential Distribution and Distribution Troubleshooting, etc.

Courses for the Power Line Technician Program
PLT-099 PLT Pre-Apprenticeship
PLT-100 PLT Apprenticeship Year 1
PLT-200 PLT Apprenticeship Year 2
PLT-300 PLT Apprenticeship Year 3
PLT-400 Rigging and Live Line Certification for Line Contractors
PLT-405 Transformation Hands-On Workshop
PLT-410 Reclosures and Fusing
PLT-415 Voltage Regulators and Capacitors
PLT-420 Underground Distribution Safety Refresher
PLT-421 Underground Residential Distribution Refresher
PLT-430 Distribution Troubleshooting
PLT-435 Electrical Substation Familiarization
PLT-440 Field Switching