FAQs | Parts & Warehousing

Frequently Asked Questions about the Parts & Warehousing Program

Q: What opportunities of employment do I have once I complete the ELTT program?

The automotive industry has many older employees who will be retiring soon. This provides many opportunities for individuals wishing to start training now. Males and females have found rewarding job opportunities in the automotive parts profession. The resource industry also continues to grow in British Columbia and is in need of personnel in the warehousing sector. If you are an individual interested in automotive parts or warehousing you have three fields of employment – Automotive Parts, Industrial Warehousing or Industrial Engines & Equipment (Heavy-Duty) Parts.

Q: Where can I get additional information about this program?

Contact the instructor of the Parts & Warehousing program, Mary Wilton, at 604.598.6136 or via email at Mary.Wilton@kpu.ca.