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Job Description

Appliance Technician is an exciting career choice for an individual. This profession is expanding technologically. Individuals working in this profession will find that it brings a great deal of satisfaction and provides good employer reimbursements. A technician can work on all appliances or specialize. This is a lifelong career.

Working Conditions

Working conditions vary. A technician may work in a shop or out on the road on service calls.

Employment Opportunities

Technicians may work as independent businessmen, in partnership, for service companies, or for a depot representing a particular major manufacturer. You may be paid hourly or work on commission. Opportunities exist in urban areas or in rural areas. Wherever there are appliances, technicians will always find employment. The “Job Futures” websites indicate that a large number of Appliance Service Technicians will be retiring in the next five to ten years. Therefore a great deal of employment growth is expected in the next ten years. Job Future websites quote Appliance Technicians as one of the trades requiring many replacements for retiring technicians.

Wage Expectations

Starting wages in the appliance service sector in B.C. vary from a minimum of $11.00 to $14.00 per hour. Many companies will also require the technicians to hold a B.C. Provincial “C” gas certificate. This is a requirement for servicing gas appliances in B.C.

Employment as an Appliance Service Technician usually starts in a company’s shop. Advancement can occur and individuals can move up to a position of shop technician or service technician. Service technicians are involved in working on-the-road doing service calls. Shop technicians or service technicians usually earn $18.00 or more per hour. If you are an independent service contractor your wages would be higher – ranging from $50,000 - $90,000 or more per year. Independent contractors require their own vehicle, cellular phone and tools.

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