Industrial Warehousing

This program prepares students for employment in the industrial warehousing field. The most important tool for an industrial warehousing person is the computer. Databases, online catalogues and inventory control systems are necessary for ordering, receiving, storing and shipping products, material handling and transportation.

Key attributes for people considering this field are: computer application skills, problem solving skills, interpersonal and customer service skills, mechanical aptitude and manual dexterity skills. This program will appeal to service-oriented people. Working in this trade field can involve the movement of materials in a number of industry sectors – agricultural, forestry, health, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, transportation, and wholesale/retail areas.

As an apprentice you will learn to prepare purchase orders, receive and distribute inventory and maintain stock control. You will also learn to keep records on purchases, prices, deliveries and inventories.

Students that are interested in training and working in the industrial warehousing field can access training as a level two industrial warehousing apprentice by completing the level one Parts technical training component to begin with. Completion of the level one Parts technical training component can be acquired either by completing the ELTT Automotive Parts & Light Warehousing program prior to acquiring an apprenticeship or by acquiring employment followed by registering in an industrial warehousing apprenticeship.

Registered apprentices will be responsible for enrolling in scheduled in-school training sessions throughout their apprenticeship. An individual registered in an industrial warehousing apprenticeship would complete the level 1 Parts technical training session rather than the ELTT program mention above before registering in a level 2 industrial warehousing technical training session. Industrial warehousing has three levels of technical training.

If you are an apprentice and you wish information on start dates for different levels of Industrial Warehousing apprenticeship classes, please refer to the Program Schedule menu.