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Tuition, Fees, and Credits

Co-op Tuition 

This fee schedule applies from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021. KPU reserves the right to amend this schedule without notice. Rates are listed in Canadian dollars. For a list of all KPU tuition and fees, please visit the Academic Calendar.

Last updated: June 2020


Registered Credits

Tuition Category



COOP 1101





Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents





International Students 

1 8.a $658.03 $46.06

Co-operative Education Work Terms





Full-time Co-op Work Terms
Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents





Full-time Co-op Work Terms
International Students

9 7 $733.70 $51.35

* Mandatory student fees for libraries, technologies and student life based on 7% of tuition.

Completed Co-op credits only count towards the Co-op designation. Co-op credits are additive credits - they do not replace other courses or credits needed for the completion of the diploma or degree.

KSA fees/Multipass

Students may be charged KSA fees depending on the following scenarios:

Students ONLY on a Co-op work term:

  • Do not pay KSA related fees.
  • You will not receive access to the Multipass

Students on a Co-op work term AND registered in one or more 3-credit course(s):

  • Pay KSA fees only for the registered courses (excluding the Co-op work term)
  • Will be charged for the Multipass

Health and Dental

Students who wish to opt into the Medical and Dental plan while on a Co-op work term must contact the Benefits Office in the KSA no later than 30 days after the start of the next semester, as Co-op work terms are exempt from KSA fees. You may also email