Careers | Industrial Warehousing

Job Description

An Industrial Warehousing person is responsible for warehousing activities which include receiving, storing, shipping products, material handling and setting products up for transportation. Individuals are involved in moving material products in a variety of industries that include agricultural, forestry, health, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, transportation and wholesale/retail.

Working Conditions

The work is almost always indoors. Individuals would work in an office and/or a warehouse environment. The work conditions require individuals to be on their feet most of the day. People working in the warehousing industry should enjoy keeping detailed records and feel comfortable in operating power handling equipment. It is not an occupational field that has seasonal employment as most businesses are busy year round.

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities are located in urban centers where manufacturing, wholesalers and large retailers have their warehouses.

Males and females alike, have found rewarding job opportunities.

The customer contact is varied and you will deal with many different people each day such as, customers on the phone, customers inquiring in-person who are interested in ordering products or customers acquiring products.

No two days are the same, and most jobs are in a fast-paced environment where the ability to multi-task and think on your feet is essential.

Student Employment

Kwantlen students are eligible for employment both on and off campus. Please see the Student Employment Centre for job posting or refer to Workopolis.

Finding Employment

Web sites such as Workinfonet are useful resources for finding employment in the trades industry.

A wage subsidy program is available through Human Resources & Skills Development Canada for students seeking employment who

  • Have collected Employment Insurance within the last three years, or have been on maturity/parental leave within the past five years
  • Are currently unemployed
  • Are seeking full time employment.

Additional information is available at Sante Wage Subsidy.