Clement Tong

BSc (Pharmacology) (UBC), MSc (UBC), MCS (Regent College), MA (UBC), PhD (UBC)

Dr. Clement Tong is an assistant professor at ACTS Seminary of Trinity Western University, a visiting assistant professor and faculty associate of the Hong Kong Studies Initiative at UBC, and has been teaching history courses ar Kwantlen Polytechnic University since 2020. Having practiced as a certified translator in Canada for over 20 years, he is interested in translation and language theories, as well as how they are related to the notions of identities and transcultural communication. He also has strong research interests in the history of China, Hong Kong, and the Cantonese Worlds. His recent publications include Authority and Breakthrough - Chinese Bible translations in the modern time, Revelation and Text - Story of the Chinese Bible (1807-1919), as well as several Hong Kong - themed works including "The Hong Kong Week of 1967 and the Emergence of Hong Kong Identity Through Contradistinction" and "Translating Memories - The Fight over Pikachu in Hong Kong." Dr. Tong was one of the keynote speakers at the 2021 KDocs Film Festival, introducing the movie Hong Kong Moments.