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COOP 1101: Introduction to Professional and Career Readiness

COOP 1101: Introduction to Professional and Career Readiness is a 1-credit academic course available to students accepted into the Co-op program. Students must pass and complete the course before they can begin searching for their first Co-op work term.

All credits earned through the Co-op program apply directly to your Co-op designation only. COOP 1101 is a 1-credit academic course; the Co-op work terms (1150, 2150, etc.) are additive credits and do not apply to your diploma/degree requirements.

Before you can register for COOP 1101 you must be accepted into the Co-op program. The application form can be found on Career Connection and you can follow the steps on the Apply to Co-op page. 

Students are encouraged to register for COOP 1101 on their registration date as seats fill quickly. Students should register for COOP 1101 at least two semesters before they wish to secure a work term.

For details on upcoming COOP 1101 classes offered, visit KPU's timetable.

Important Information for Students Registered in Co-op 1101

Already enrolled in COOP 1101? Great! Please review the following resources to find out what happens next.

  • Co-operative Education Student Handbook found on Co-op Forms and Resources.
  • Co-op Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) like:
    • How many work terms do I have to complete to get the Co-op designation?
    • If I get a job on my own, can I get Co-op credit for it?
    • What if I had a change of plans after I am admitted to Co-op?
    • What are the tuition fees for Co-op and when do I pay them?
    • I haven't been offered a job and my course registration date is approaching, what should I do?
  • Navigating Career Connection video and Career Connection Tips Sheet found on Co-op Forms and Resources.

You'll need to do each of these things in order to receive access to Co-op jobs:

  • Complete COOP 1101 with a minimum "C" grade.
  • Complete all tasks as assigned by your COOP 1101 Co-op Instructor. This may mean revising your resume and cover letter.
  • Complete the Co-op Student Agreement and submit it online to the Co-op office.

For International Students:

  • Go to Co-op Forms and Resources and submit your Work Permit Letter Request online.
  • *NEW* From November 15, 2022, until December 31, 2023, limitations on off-campus work hours will be lifted temporarily for international students who are in Canada and who have off-campus work authorization on their study permits. Submit your study permit and proof of Co-op Work Permit application in order to be considered to be granted temporary approval to access Co-op jobs and secure a Co-op work term while waiting for your Co-op Work Permit. 
  • When you receive your Co-op Work Permit in the mail, submit a copy online to the Co-op office.
  • Note: Once you have enrolled in COOP 1101, you can complete the Work Permit Letter Request. Only eligible KPU international students registered into COOP 1101 will be given the Work Permit Letter.

For "Intended" Students

  • This is only applicable to Computer Information Systems, Marketing, and Public Relations Diploma students who have not yet declared their program.
    • Step 1 - Declare your program. See the Program Declaration page for important deadlines and assistance with how to declare your program.
      • Note: As an “intended” Co-op student, you are unable to declare your program with the Co-op option through Program Declaration Service in Online Self Service. You must complete the next step so that the Co-op office can put the Co-op option back onto your academic profile.
    • Step 2 - Once your program declaration has been processed, submit a screenshot from KPU Online Self Service (OSS) showing the status as "completed" to the Program Declaration with Co-op webform. The Co-op office will then request that the Co-op option be added back to your account.