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COOP 1101: Introduction to Professional and Career Readiness

As of Fall 2020  Each COOP section will run as a 3-hour class for 6 sessions.

COOP 1101: Introduction to Professional and Career Readiness is a 1-credit academic course and available to students in the Co-op Option of their program. Students must pass and complete the course before they can begin searching for their first Co-op position.

COOP 1101 Timetable: Summer 2021

COOP 1101 A10 22327 Online May 10th, 2021-June 21, 2021 Friday 12:00- 14:50 Class offered online
COOP 1101 A11 20823 Online May 10th, 2021-June 21, 2021 Tuesday 12:00- 14:50 Class offered online
COOP 1101 A12 22329 Online July 5, 2021-Aug 16, 2021 Friday 12:00 - 14:50 Class offered online

Important Information - Summer 2021 Academic Term
As KPU continues to take measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we will continue to deliver the majority of our classes remotely during the summer term. Please see here for more information.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn the philosophy and goals of Co-operative Education. They will learn to develop effective job search techniques including preparing effective resumes and cover letters, and practicing interview skills in order to secure their first Co-op placement.

When and where is COOP 1101 offered?

COOP 1101 is offered all year around (Fall, Spring, Summer). The course is mainly offered on the Surrey campus but is occasionally offered on the Richmond and Langley campus. The number of available courses varies per semester. For a list of available courses, including the times and location, please visit the KPU Timetable.

How to Register

Before you can register for COOP 1101 you must apply to get the Co-op option added to your program. Students must meet the entrance requirements for their program (GPA, credits completed). Full details can be found under Co-op Programs. The application form can be found on Career Connection or you can follow the steps on our Apply to Co-op page. Students who have not been approved by the Co-op office will not be able to register or waitlist for COOP 1101.

Available COOP 1101 sections can be found on the KPU Timetable. Register for the course the same way you would as your academic courses.

Students are encouraged to register for COOP 1101 on their registration date due to limited seating in each section.

Registration Issues

Seats are available but you went straight to the waitlist:

Each COOP 1101 class has a specific number of seats allocated to some or all of the Co-op programs. If seats are available in that section and you went straight to the waitlist, the seats for your program are currently full. Stay on the waitlist as adjustments can be made up until the 1st week of classes.

Program restriction
  1. You have NOT submitted a Co-op Application form. Apply here.
  2. You have submitted a Co-op application but it has NOT been reviewed. Approximate response time is 10 to 15 business days.
  3. Your Co-op application has been approved but your program does not have any seats allocation to this section. Please visit the KPU timetable for a list of available sections and its restricted programs.

All other error codes can be found under KPU's Registration Guide.

If you have any other issues when you attempt to register, please email

**All credits earned through the Co-op program apply directly to your Co-op designation. COOP 1101 is a 1-credit academic course; the Co-op work terms (1150, 2150, etc.) are additive credits.