Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program (IJSP)

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Program Details

The Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program is aimed at groups of working adults or university students from foreign countries who are learning Japanese. It gives participants the opportunity to study about and experience Japanese language and culture while participating in a homestay program. More information is on their website here.


  • Japanese Language Classes
    • Classes are divided into different levels according to the students' proficiency in the language. 
    • The Program aims at improving the students' proficiency in accordance with learners' Japanese language level and their objectives with the use of general textbooks and other materials such as newspapers, magazines and videos.
  • Japanese Cultural Experience Study
    • Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understandings of Japan through experiencing various Japanese cultural activities.
    • A great amount of nature and Japanese traditional culture is still preserved in Ishikawa Prefecture, and students can choose the activities that they want to participate in, such as Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy Lessons, Flower Arrangement, Zen Meditation, Pottery, Gold Leave Decoration, Seal-Engraving, etc. We also offer field trips to various cultural facilities and tourism spots.
    • By experiencing all the wonders of Ishikawa Prefecture, you will sure understand the "real" Japan.
  • Home-stay with a Japanese Family
    • Participants will stay in a home-stay with a kind and loving host family during the period of the Program. 
    • Through this home-stay, participants can learn more about the Japanese society and its culture while improving their Japanese language ability.
    • This is also a one-of-a-life time experience to enjoy this intercultural exchange with a local Japanese family. 
    • A real international exchange starts with people trying to understand each other's culture and differences, and that is why they consider home-stay as a very essential part of the program.

Class Offered

  • Students will take Japanese language classes in the morning with cultural activities in the afternoon. 
  • Only a upper beginner and intermediate class is available. Students need to have completed at least 1 course of Japanese (ie JAPN1100). 
  • The program will be held with Singapore Management University whereby KPU students would have classes and activities together with the other students. 

IJSP Procedures for Illness

It is the responsibility of each participant to read and understand the current policies, entry requirements, and restrictions for international travel to Japan and back. The following are a summary of the IJSP procedures, and more is detailed on page 6 in the homestay application :

  1. If a homestay family member becomes unwell, the student without symptoms can continue to stay as usual, but if the symptoms of the host family become severe a different homestay will be arranged. The program will help in finding another homestay and in hotel which the student will need to pay for at their own expense. 
  2. If an IJSP student becomes unwell and visits a medical institution, they will be required to follow instructions of a doctor and pay for these expenses. If the homestay can't provide adequate care, another host family will be found or the student will have to stay in a hotel.
  3. Students need to have medical coverage for COVID or other illness symptoms while on the program. 

Language of instruction



Basic communication skills in Japanese (JAPN 1100 or higher). A reference from a Japanese professor will also be asked for. 


No credits are transferable to KPU. This is an extracurricular program. 



Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan


Sunday, May 12 - Saturday, May 25 2024 for 2 weeks   

Program Cost 

An estimate of around CA$1,000 per person for the Japanese class, cultural activities in the afternoons, and the homestay for 2 weeks (breakfast & supper provided)
* The program fees does not include flight fees, lunch, personal expenses and transportation fees between the host family and institution
* Fees are subject to change as this is around the divide fee for about 5 students. 

Scholarship opportunities

Scholarship opportunities to help students pay for the Summer School is available. Go here to our funding and scholarships page and contact us at for questions and to submit your application. Reference letters must be sent directly to our email address from the referee otherwise they will be invalid.

How to apply

  1. Complete this mandatory Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program application here: 

  2. Unofficial transcript. Go here for a youtube tutorial on how to find and save your KPU transcript as a pdf. 
  3. Complete this 

  4. Have 1 Faculty Reference Form completed by from a Japanese professor. Kindly ask your professor to email the reference before Feb 27th to*If you are applying for scholarships please have 2 reference forms submitted 


Application Deadline - Closed 

  1. February 27th all application documents must be received by email to Please complete the documents digitally. 

Accepted students will be notified after February 27th of their status, and then nominated and supported to move forward for the program.

Contact Information

Sarah Burn -Study Abroad Coordinator


Joe in Japan

"Not to be super exaggerating, but EVERYTHING was very rewarding. Eating the food visiting temples, taking part in their culture, living with a Japanese family was all so amazing! I didn’t want to leave Japan and continue to engage with the culture and people." - Joe Bachelor of Arts, Major in History minor Language and Culture. Summer 2023








This program is not sponsored by KPU in any way, and KPU is not responsible for any parts of the program. The participants will be travelling to Kanazawa and attending the program on their own. KPU International's primary function is to relay necessary information to and from the Ishikawa Japanese Studies Center. 

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