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Academic Integrity, Plagiarism & Citations

Cite it Right! It's important.


Click here for information and access to the new Academic Integrity Moodle Course.

Comparing the I Cite my Sources badge (retired) and the Academic Integrity Badge (new!)

  Plagiarism Tutorial Academic Integrity
Accessibility Cannot move easily between the 3 slideshows Can easily move to any part of the Pressbook
Content 3 individual video slideshows; plagiarism basics, citation basics, writing skills basics 4 modules: academic inegrity (completely new), enhanced plagiarism content, citation basics, more in-depth writing skills content. 3 additional optional practice modules: APA, MLA, Chicago
Interactivity Limited interactive content Many H5P interactive exercises in each module to support understanding
Assessments 3 short and fairly straightforward quizzes in Moodle 4 longer and more challenging questions - 10 in each module in Moodle
Badge I Cite My Sources Badge; no expiry date Academic Integrity Recognition Badge valid for 2 years; then students need to redo
Declarations No declaration Academic Integrity Declaration with 10 statements that students need to verify and submit in Moodle
Platform: Adobe Presenter; not updated; increasing viewing/technical issues; limited support Pressbook; fully supported

I Cite my Sources Badge Notes for Students

  • It takes roughly 15 minutes for your badge to appear in your profile once you have completed the tutorial.
  • If you completed the tutorial prior to January 2017, it will still show in your profile that you have earned the badge, however the actual badge icon will not appear.
  • If you have completed the tutorial in previous semesters but no longer see your badge, you can enroll in the course and your badge or indication of completion should appear in your profile.
  • If you completed the tutorial prior to the badging system being initiated (Pre 2014), there is no way for you to see your credential online. You will need to speak with your instructor about whether you need to retake the tutorial.
  • Completed your badge recently but still not seeing it? Try these instructions to make sure your profile settings are correct.
  • Need help? Try the Guide for tips.


Creative Commons License
The Plagiarism Awareness tutorial is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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