Library Spaces

Study Space

Study carrels and tables for individual or group study are available throughout our libraries.

Group study rooms are available at every Library though the Book Study Rooms link. You'll need your student number and password. Rooms can be booked for 1 two hour block per day, up to 14 days in advance.

Keep it Clean!
Nobody likes to sit down to find someone else's trash. Please use the garbage and recycling containers around the Library.

Your Comfort and Safety

The Shhhh Factor
Please be aware that people around you are trying to research and study and expect a certain level of quiet. If you need to discuss a research project with others, please book one of the Library's group study rooms.

Food and Drink
Covered drinks and cold snack foods are allowed in the Library. Your drink container must have a lid and food must not be messy to consume, or have smells which will bother those around you.

Ring Tone Free Zone
Please set your phone to vibrate or turn it off when entering the Library.

Protect Your Stuff
Textbooks are worth a lot of money, so don't leave them unattended in the Library. If anything of yours is stolen while in the Library, or anywhere else on campus, contact Campus Security.

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