KPU - Automotive Refresher

The program updates theoretical knowledge of the trade in preparation for the Automotive Service Technician - Inter-Provincial (IP) examination.

Interprovincial Exam Refreshers for STC Trades | SkilledTradesBC

On December 1, 2022, Industry Training Authority (ITA) became SkilledTradesBC. While their role in advancing B.C.'s skilled trades system hasn’t changed, it has expanded. This includes a larger focus on raising the profile of skilled trades, modernizing their approach to trades training, and implementing Skilled Trades Certification

Under Skilled Trades Certification, it is mandatory for all trade workers to be a registered apprentice or fully certified to work in specific trades, starting with seven electrical and mechanical trades in December 2023. Three automotive trades will be introduced as Skilled Trades Certification trades in 2024 and will have one year to transition once announced. 

SkilledTradesBC has also enhanced supports to Apprentices and Trade Qualifiers, or experienced workers, in the Skilled Trades Certification trades. To help Apprentices and Trade Qualifiers pass their IP Red Seal exams, SkilledTradesBC is subsidizing tuition for participants who take exam refresher courses at $170 per 30-hours (1 week) of course time. The following course qualifies for this subsidy.

KPU - Automotive Refresher


•    Experience in the automotive trade

Start Date:  July 18, 2024

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will be:

•    Prepared to write the Certification of Qualification with Red Seal Endorsement (IP) examination;
•    Able to perform practical tasks with a better understanding of component     operation
•    Able to write Trade Exams of various formats
•    Able to explain how computer tools and technology has changed the way vehicles are diagnosed
•    Understand the importance of safety and accident prevention.
•    Describe various diagnostic and service procedures related to engine rebuilding and related component repair
•    Explain the principle of computer communications, associated networks and principle of multiplexing
•    Read automotive electrical schematic diagrams to identify circuits, components and different tools used to identify potential faults. Eg – Lab scope
•    Describe various types of batteries according to their chemical make-up, construction and use
•    Able to defined type and purpose of different automotive auxiliary electrical systems
•    Describe operation and construction of transmissions including planetary gearsets, helical gears and basic automatic transmission operating principles
•    Name and service major components of a four-wheel drive system
•    Able to identify, diagnose and service different suspension systems and related components 
•    Describe the function and operation the steering linkage and related system components
•    Describe how alignment angles can be changed on a vehicle
•    Explain basic braking principles including friction materials, hydraulic pressures and heat dissipation
•    Describe how an automotive air conditioning system is serviced and operation
•    Diagnose and service various emission control systems
•    Describe the operation of various hybrid systems. List tools and equipment needed to safely diagnose and repair hybrid vehicles
•    Describe the major systems that make up an EV
•    Able to pass each module test with 70% + and successful completion of practice IP Red Seal Exam 125 questions  

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Delivery Method

•    12 Weeks of On-Line Delivery 
•    3 Hours of On-Line Instruction, 4 days each week

Class Modules to be covered with quizzes and practice IP test:

•    Major Work Activity/Exam Section 

•    Performs Common Occupational Skills

•    Diagnoses and Repairs Engine and Engine Support Systems 

•    Diagnoses and Repairs Vehicle Module Communications Systems

•    Diagnoses and Repairs Driveline Systems

•    Diagnoses and Repairs Electrical and Comfort Control Systems

•    Diagnoses and Repairs Steering and Suspension, Braking, Control Systems, Tires, Hubs and Wheel Bearings

•    Diagnoses and Repairs Restraint Systems, Body Components, Accessories and Trim 

•    Diagnoses and Repairs Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EV)

•    Quizzes after each module plus one 125 Question IP Red Seal practice test