Careers | Automotive

Job Description

Diagnose and repair all facets of automotive operations. This includes power train, suspension, brakes and electrical, as well as all automotive comforts. Technicians today must be able to work with other technicians, as well as interact with vehicle owners. A working knowledge of computers is required to access diagnostic information.

Working Conditions

The job can be physically and mentally challenging at times. Automotive technicians of today must be able to read and comprehend complex information that relates to a wide range of material. This may include computer operations, working on complex hydraulic systems, elaborate electrical circuits, a wide variety of gearing systems as well as, the intricacies of mechanical assemblies.

Employment Opportunities

There are many new opportunities for individuals looking for a challenging career in the service industry. Employers are looking for young men and women with mechanical aptitude who are motivated and willing to learn. An individual in the automotive industry typically starts as a trainee in a service station, dealership or repair shop. There is a shortage of qualified auto mechanics. An estimated 2,550 new jobs will open in this trade in the near future. Graduates will be prepared to enter the Automotive Service industry as an apprentice.

Student Employment

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