Careers | Welding

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Welding programs are in demand by industry. Graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce in forestry, mining, petro-chemical, transportation, and marine industries, as well as in manufacturing and fabrication shops.

After attaining some experience in the welding field a number of our graduates have started and maintained successful businesses or have moved into management. Others have used their welding skill and experience to become fabricators, millwrights, boiler makers and pipe fitters.

Job Description

Welders may find themselves working in many different industrial fields involving both shop and field applications. They will utilize a variety of welding processes, procedures and related skills. They will be required to work unsupervised to high standards. Team work is a vital component of a welder's life.

Working Conditions

Working conditions can vary widely form job to job. Welders must maintain a reasonable level of fitness as their work is physically demanding.; Their work may involve confined space heavy lifting, kneeling and climbing. Travelling, campus work and long hours are very common. This trade is not recommended for individuals with respiratory, sight or other serious health concerns.

Employment Opportunities

Welding graduates from Kwantlen can expect to start their careers in fabrication shops, construction sites, repair shops, shipyards, sawmills, pulp mills and more, working on new installations and/or maintenance welding.

There are no limits to where a person can go with their welding skills. The key personal ingredients are:

  1. Solid work ethic
  2. Solid welding skills
  3. Welding Knowledge
  4. Experience and initiative

Student Employment

Kwantlen students are eligible for employment both on and off campus. Please see the Student Employment Centre for job postings and instructions for using Workopolis.