Fees | Welding

Supplies: Welding Shield with a #10 shade lens
Welding cutting goggles with #5 shade lens
Safety glasses
Single or Tri-Flint Striker
Tip Cleaners
Pliers – 1 pair of pliers, 1 pair of side cutters, 1 pair of vise grips and 1 pair of needle nose pliers
Wire brush
Tape measure – imperial/metric combination
Welding gloves (gauntlet type)
Lock – for a locker
Working clothing – steel toed boots, welding cap, leather welding jacket and cotton coveralls
Grinder with a wire wheel
Chipping hammer
Set of weld fillet gauges

Level C - The cost of books for the Level C program is approximately $273. 36 (includes tax).
Level B – The cost of books for the Level B program is approximately $75.44 (includes tax).
Level A – The cost of books for the Level A program is approximately $32.97 (includes tax).

The estimated costs of the welding supplies needed are approximately $500.00

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