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Welcome to KPU Library: Students

We are so glad you are here.

KPU Library is dedicated to providing assistance and service to help you on your academic journey during your time at KPU--and beyond! 

Top 5 Library Services Every Student Should Know

Ask UsAsk Us

Get help from the library! We can help orient you to library services, locate books and research material, and show you how to do things like cite and evaluate information. Get in touch in-person, or use any of our remote contact options: Phone, chat, text or even Zoom. 

MyLibraryAccountMy Library Account

Keep track of your borrowing, requests, bookings and library fees.

Equipment & Media ServicesEquipment & Media Services

We have laptops for students as well as presentation software, cameras, cables and more. You will be surprised what equipment we loan!

Course ReservesCourse Reserves 

Sometimes instructors identify items in our collections that are in your course readings. We designate them as ‘course reserves,’ meaning there are shortened loan periods so more students have access to the material.

KPU CardKPU Card

Your KPU Card is your student ID and gives you access to some on-campus services, such as tap-access for the printers, and in some cases, access to specific rooms. Your KPU Card is also your Library Card.

Top 5 Library Resources Every Student Should Know

Summon SearchSummon Search

Search all of KPU Library's collection, both online and offline. We have books and ebooks, articles, journals, films and more in our extensive collection. 

Tutorials and ActivitiesTutorials

We have a variety of tutorials--open resources with information and activities--that help you on your learning journey. They include: Doing ResearchAPA Style CitationsChicago Style CitationsMLA Style CitationsIndigenous Information Literacy, and Academic Integrity. These tutorials are designed as learning resources for you to use whenever you need them. Your instructor might also assign parts or the whole tutorial as class readings. They contain information, practice exercises and you can even earn a badge for your Moodle profile.

GuidesSubject Guides and Citation Guides

Best-bet guides for finding information in your field. Our Subject Guides are written by your Liaison Librarian, and features things like database and website recommendations, citation tips, and more. Our Citation Guides have info and guidance on how to cite in APA, MLA and Chicago. 

Instructional VideosInstructional videos

Some videos will help you learn the basics of searching and using the library. Others are more advanced and are specific to your area of study or field. All are created with your academic experience in mind! Created by our librarians. 

Liaison LibrariansLiaison Librarians

Each subject has a librarian who is an expert in the resources in your area of study. This means we have a Business Librarian and a Horticulture Librarian, and more! You can contact your liaison librarian if you ever need one-one-one help for a question specific to your field. 

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