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Zoom A Librarian

A KPU librarian is here to help you over Zoom with your research and citation questions during the following hours:

Fall Semester Service hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 1:00pm - 6:00pm | October 18 - December 8 

Zoom a KPU Librarian What to expect:
  • You will be placed into the waiting room initially.
    The librarian will 'let you in' to the room.
  • Your visit is anonymous and the session will not be recorded.
  • Use of your camera is optional.
  • The Zoom A Librarian service is for KPU students and Employees
IMPORTANT: We ask that you avoid sharing personal information during the session (i.e. student ID).

We're always looking to improve! If you've taken part in our Zoom Reference and would like to give us some feedback, please do so by filling out the form at

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