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Loans, Renewals & Returns for Employees


***Important Changes Coming September 2019***

Renewals & Loan Periods

  • The Library is implementing automatic renewals for all General Collection items, as well as for periodicals/magazines.
    • You will be notified when your material is automatically renewed.
    • If it can’t be renewed because someone has placed a hold on it, you have used up all your renewals or your library record is blocked or expired, then you will receive email notices informing you of the item’s due date.
  • DVDs and equipment will still have to be renewed by you at the Service Counter or via My Library Account


  Current September 2019 September 2019
Item Loan Period & Renewals Loan Period & Renewals Automatic Renewals
Books 4 months
1 renewal
(8 months total)
28 days
7 renewals
(8 months total)
Journals or
1 week
1 renewal
1 week
1 renewal



DVD's & 
3 days
1 renewal
1 week
1 renewal
Music CD's 1 week
1 renewal
1 week
1 renewal
Equipment Various loan periods
1 renewal
Various loan periods
1 renewal
Various loan periods
No renewals
Various loan periods
No renewals
Renewals not permitted


Employees will be fined at the same rate as students. Details can be found at

This change to our policy means that all our users are treated equally and also encourages everyone to return items in a timely manner. We want students and employees alike to have access to our material rather than it languish in a forgotten pile!


Material on loan to you will no longer be recalled. When an item is borrowed or renewed you will have it for its full loan period. If a hold is placed on it, you will not be able to renew it and you will accrue overdue fines every day until it is returned.

Library Privileges for Employees

Renew your materials at

My Library Account or at the Service Counter.


All Library notices are emailed to your KPU email account. Check for information on your holds, overdues & recalls.

Loan Periods & Renewals

  • You must have your KPU Card with you to borrow.
  • There is no limit on the number of items you can have on loan at one time.
Item Loan period Renewals When Can I Renew?
Books 4 months 1 30 days before due date
Journals & Magazines 1 week 1 4 days before due date
DVDs & Videos 3 days 1 3 days before due date
Music CDs 1 week 1 4 days before due date
Course reserves Various loan periods none Renewals not permitted
Reference materials In library use only none Renewals not permitted
Equipment Various loan periods 1 Varies by loan period

What if someone else puts a hold on your book?

  • You can keep the book for the first month of the loan, no renewal allowed.
  • If you've already renewed and someone else puts a hold on your book, your renewal due date will be shortened and you'll receive a recall notice asking you to return the book.
  • Replacement costs will be charged for materials that are not returned promptly.


Library materials can be returned at any campus library regardless of where they were borrowed  and can be put in the outside Book Bins after the library is closed.


Return course reserves and equipment at the campus they were borrowed from.

Return equipment to staff at the Equipment Counter.

Assumed Lost

Once an item is 120 day overdue, it will be assumed lost and the employee will automatically be billed the replacement cost of the item plus a $20 processing fee.  If the item is returned quickly and in good condition, the replacement cost bill will be cancelled but not the processing fee.

I'm Sure I Returned It

Use the Library Borrowing and Fine Questions Form if you believe you have returned your library material but it is still showing as on loan to you.

What happens then:

  • The Library will conduct a search at each campus for the item.
  • While the searches are taking place, you'll no longer see the item in the list of checkouts in your library account.
  • We will email your KPU email account to let you know the result of each search.
  • If the item is not found, we'll conduct a second system wide search a week later and email you the results.
  • If the item is not found, we'll conduct a third system wide search a week later and email you the results.
  • If the its is still not found, you will be billed the replacement cost of the item.

While the Library is conducting searches for the item, we encourage you to check around your home or car to see if the item might have inadvertently been left behind or slipped out of sight.

Material Not Returned or Outstanding Bills Not Paid

Failure to return library material or pay replacement costs will result in the loss of library privileges.