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Academic Boost Camp 2021

Keys to Student Success: Recovering from Setbacks


Expectations in university courses can be challenging, overwhelming, and often confusing and unclear! How do you make sense of what is being asked of you? What type of thinking do professors expect? What are some practical strategies to help you make the changes you may need to improve your learning and your grades? 

In Academic Boost Camp, you will have the opportunity to assess your strengths, reflect on how you want to move into the future, and learn new strategies that will help you take practical action towards meeting your academic goals. You will learn in a supportive environment from experienced faculty and instructional staff.

Register for this two 1/2 day program designed to help you overcome setbacks, find your strengths and move on strategically and confidently with your program.

In addition to interactive plenary sessions, you will have the opportunity to select breakout sessions that connect with your needs and goals. 

Topics include:

  1. Understanding the impact of mindsets and how to recover from setbacks
  2. Strategies for working and studying
  3. Reading and notetaking with confidence and purpose
  4. Deepening your thinking and metacognition
  5. Dealing with procrastination
  6. Exam preparation – moving beyond memorization

Who is this program for?

This program is available to all current KPU students. It is highly recommended for all students on academic warning and probation. 

 Register here to reserve your place.