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Tutor Navigator Program

The Tutor Navigator program is designed to encourage students to engage in writing activities outside the classroom.

Students may participate by engaging in any of the following activities:


Book an appointment with the writing tutor assigned to your ENGL 1100 course.

  • For a demonstration of HOW TO BOOK A TUTORING APPOINTMENT, watch this video:
  • Watch this video to learn how to JOIN YOUR ONLINE TUTORING SESSION.

  • To JOIN A SESSION FROM AN ANDROID PHONE OR TABLET, follow the steps shown on this video.

The schedule below shows when your sections' writing tutor is available. To book an appointment, please visit


    KPU Students have access to writing support at all stages of the writing process. Whether you are working to understand your assignment instructions, writing your first draft, or completing the editing process, a writing tutor can help you get the skills you need to improve your writing process.  You can acccess the following services:

    1. Submit an assignment to WriteUp. Go to and click on the red Submit Writing Assignments Button. Complete the form and uplaod your assignment. You will receive feedback from a KPU writing tutor via email, usually within 2 business days.
    2. Submit a paper at to receive feedback from a writing tutor. WriteAway is an online writing support service offered by post-secondary institutions across British Columbia. Submit up to three drafts of your paper to WriteAway, and online tutors will provide strategies and resources to help you improve your writing. Tutors do their best to provide feedback within 48 hours, but response times can get longer at peak times. Please submit well in advance of your deadlines if you would like feedback.

         Meet our tutors


    Students taking ENGL 1100 courses can complete two different types of workshops: (1) Online Scheduled Workshops and (2) Online Self-Paced Workshops.

    Click on the "Register for a workshop" link below for a list of the available workshops.




      Designed and taught by English faculty members, these online interactive labs focus on reviewing essay-writing skills in a series of modules.  The labs offer plenty of hands-on practice in a supportive environment. The lab instructors—experienced in teaching first-year English courses—are here to guide you through the essay writing process while showing you how to apply each module’s lesson to your academic writing.

      Click here to learn more about these labs and how to sign up. 

      Contact the Langley Learning Centre if you have any questions.