Peer Assisted Study Sessions - The PASS Program

PASS Program

What is PASS?

PASS programs are a form of supplemental instruction. PASS sessions provide co-curricular academic support for high-risk courses rather than high-risk students. As a non-remedial approach available to all students enrolled in selected courses, weekly peer-facilitated study sessions are offered to help students compare notes, develop learning strategies, and prepare for exams.

These sessions are facilitated by trained undergraduate students known as "PASS Leaders", who have successfully taken the course before and achieved an 'A' or better, and who connect with students and act as role models.

The student PASS leaders work closely with faculty to determine the focus for the sessions and leaders are then able to move students through the course as they gain confidence and competence in a low risk, fun environment.  PASS Leaders make up games/competitions/challenges for each session to keep students engaged and the social learning environment aids in the academic learning that occurs.  They also get students to reflect on study strategies that work within that discipline and apply their learning along the way.

For faculty interested in introducing PASS Sessions for a particular course, please contact at The Learning Centre at

What students say...

“The first day of class, our teacher told all of us that out of 30 students, only 20 would probably still be here by the midterm, and out of those 20, 10 wouldn't pass. The following week we had our first quiz, and I was stunned that I only had received a 65%, which he said was on the higher end of the scale! Right after that, we had The Learning Centre come in and talk about PASS 1160 that would happen weekly, to support any willing students with their biology. Every week, I've been to PASS, and every week I've seen my weekly quiz marks rise from 65% to over 90%. I aced the midterm and am going into the final with an A. While I know that the hard work I've done at home certainly laid the strong foundation, I have no doubt in my mind that Pass 1160 and Kayla have made all the difference. By being able to talk out concepts with an experienced student, while at the same time feeling comfortable asking questions in a smaller group setting, really made learning the material that much easier. I can't recommend attending PASS 1160 enough!”