WriteUp and WriteAway Services

How can these services help you?

WriteUp and WriteAway are online services which will allow you to submit your writing assignment.  Keep in mind:

  • Students can expect to receive feedback on their submission within 24-72 hours.  That said, both services are "first-come, first-serve."  Please ensure to submit your assignment early so you have enough time to act on the feedback provided.
  • You may re-submit your assignment up to two additional times.
  • When submitting your work, you should try to include your assignment instructions and grading rubric (the criteria will the instructor use to mark your assignment).  This will allow the tutors to provide the best feedback possible.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of feedback will WriteUp tutors give? Will they correct my spelling and grammar mistakes?

WriteUp and WriteAway tutors will not edit your paper (i.e. fix grammar issues). Tutors act as 'informed readers' who will point out areas you should consider revising. Tutors will embed their comments in the body of your paper, but they will not correct or change your words. It is up to you to revise your paper after receiving the tutor's comments.

Can I get feedback on a group-written assignment?

These tutors focus on helping individual students develop their own writing skills. Tutors can review individually-authored sections of group work, but cannot comment on assignments where more than one student has contributed writing. Group members are welcome to submit their own portions of the assignment. Your group might also consider visiting the Learning Centre to make an in-person group appointment (i.e. as a team) with a writing tutor.

Can I get help on a take-home exam?

WriteUp and WriteAway Tutors cannot help you with your take-home exam.


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