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Book a Tutor

How do I book a tutoring appointment?

To book an appointment with a tutor, please click here:
Alternatively, you may contact the staff at the Learning Centre via email.

KPU Surrey
A1650 (library)

KPU Richmond
1100 (library)
KPU Langley
2070 (west bldg.)

KPU Tech
1317 (library)

Face-to-Face Tutoring

KPU students can receive face-to-face tutoring support from the Learning Centre for free. In addition to English-language tutoring, the Learning Centre offers Bilingual Tutoring as well at select campuses. For more information, and to schedule a tutoring session today, click on the links below.

Book a Tutor

Book a Bilingual Tutor

Online Writing Feedback

We provide KPU students with access to online writing feedback services through WriteUp and WriteAway. These services allow KPU students to submit writing assignments online to receive written feedback from a trained writing tutor within 2-3 business days.




When should you use the tutoring service?

  • Early in the semester
  • Early in an assignment
  • When you need assistance organizing an essay
  • When you are struggling with a math problem
  • When you would like to know more about effective study techniques

What learning supports do we offer?

The Learning Centres offer various supports for students. Please read this Learning Support Services handout outlining the various supports that you can access at the Learning Centres.

How can you help us?

To continue providing students with high quality service, we conduct ongoing peer tutor evaluation service assessments each semester. Please take a few minutes to complete this Tutor Feedback Form. All submissions are anonymous and confidential.