Review Sessions

For Instructors:

  • Review sessions offer students a chance to employ the skills developed through a course and help prepare for their upcoming exams.
  • Instructors can submit a request for a review session for their students. Please connect with our team by emailing to discuss what we can do for you.

For Students:

  • Attending review sessions offers a chance to practice exam level problems and build confidence before an exam. 
  • They also offer the opportunity to network with other students and share tools and strategies for success.
  • Some instructors may offer participation marks for attending these sessions. With your approval, we can confirm your attendance at a review session with your instructor.
  • A group of five or more students may request a review session. Please submit your request here.

Attending a Review Session:

  • For a demonstration on HOW TO REGISTER FOR A REVIEW SESSION OR WORKSHOP, please watch the following video:


  • Click on the "Register for a Workshop" link below for a list of available workshops and review sessions.