Learning Centre Accounting Resources

These resources exist to provide an opportunity for students to get independent practice on core accounting concepts and engage in learning activities outside the classroom.

online_workshopThe Importance of Independent Practice

Watch the following video on how self testing and practice can help you with your studies:




online_workshopHow to Access the ACCT Resource Moodle Courses

You can enroll in one of our ACCT Resource Moodle courses to access a test bank of practice questions.  We have practice questions available for ACCT 2293.  Enrolled students can use these materials any time they would like.  Use the following links to enroll in the corresponding course:

ACCT 2293 Resources


online_workshopFollow-Up on Independent Practice

Should you need to get further clarification on a concept or are confused about the solution to one of the practice problems, a good idea is to connect with one of our peer or faculty accounting tutors.  You can do so by:

  1. Book a tutoring appointment with any of our accounting peer tutors.
  2. Attend your tutoring appointment . You will review your completed chapter study guide during this session.

Alternatively, you may wish to attend one of our ACCT Review Sessions.  In these sessions, students look over exam-level questions.  A peer tutor will go over the solutions step-by-step with you.  To learn more about our review sessions, please visit here.


The Learning Centre is grateful to our faculty partner, John Shepherd, who has developed these materials and made them freely available to KPU students.