Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book an appointment with a tutor?

Visit the Learning Centre's tutoring platform to schedule a session:

Please review this video on how to sign in and book a session:

Sign-in with your student number and KPU password. When creating your account, please make sure to provide your KPU student email address (your student email will end in “”)

I can't find my subject area when searching for a tutor. What can I do?

If, for example, you have a writing assignment for an Anthropology course, but there is no Anthropology tutor available, search for "Writing" as the subject.

If you are still not able to find a tutor or Learning Strategist who can help, please let us know. You may call or visit any of our Learning Centres or email us at  

How many tutoring sessions can I have?

You may book up to three hours of tutoring with a peer or faculty tutor each week.

Students can book 30- or 60-minute appointments. 

Students are not permitted to book back-to-back session with the same tutor which will exceed one hour in length.  For example, you may book two thirty-minute sessions back-to-back with a tutor, but booking an hour session, followed by a thirty-minute session is not permitted. If you need additional help, please consider either scheduling a break between consecutive sessions or booking with two different tutors.

What subjects are available for tutoring?

We have tutors available to support a wide range of KPU programs. We offer support for subjects from Accounting to Horticulture, English to Computer Science and more. Please visit and log into your account.  You may search by subject or by course code.

I have a referral from Academic Advising or Accessibility - what should I do?

You'll want to meet with one of our Learning Strategists!  Start by visiting and logging in with your student number and password. You may then search for "Learning Strategist.”

If you have a referral form, please upload it when booking the online appointment or bring it with you when attending the in-person appointment.

I am looking to improve my study skills. How can The Learning Centre help me?

If you want help with any study skills (such as note-taking, exam preparation, time management) or goal setting, you may book a one-on-one appointment with a Learning Strategist by visiting

You may also choose to attend any of our Academic Skills workshops. You may find a list of available workshops here.

How do I participate in the “Available Anytime” workshops?

Please start by visiting here to find our list of "Available Anytime" workshops. You may select amongst the available options and register using the webform. After completing registration, you will receive a link to a pressbook with the workshop content. You may complete the workshop at your own pace.

How do I request a workshop or review session from the Learning Centre?

Please visit here to get started.

After completing the webform, we will contact you to get some details on what specific topics you wish to discuss during the session and to determine a date and time that will work for the facilitator and participants. Please note we need a minimum of five students who are interested in participating to schedule a workshop or review session.

How do I receive participation credit for attending a workshop?

Ultimately, the instructor is responsible for deciding whether credit will be awarded for participation. Not all instructor’s offer credit for attending.

Please note that participation in Learning Centre services are confidential. You must provide us permission to contact your instructor.  You can do this by including your instructor's name when registering for the workshop.

If you fully attend the workshop, we will note your attendance and provide a summary of attendance to the instructor at the end of the semester.

For our “Available Anytime” workshops, you will need to complete all of the section questions and the response form at the end of the workshop. This is important for recording your participation. (Available Anytime Workshops).

What is WriteUp?

WriteUp is a FREE asynchronous(online) Writing support available to all KPU students. Students can submit writing assignments online to receive written feedback from a trained tutor.

Who can access WriteUp services?

This service is available for all registered KPU students.  You must have an account on to access the service.

How can a student submit an assignment on WriteUp? 

You can log in at with your KPU student number and password. Click on the submit assignment tab and fill the required fields to submit your assignment.

How long does it take to receive feedback on my assignment?

Normal response time for WriteUp is 48 hours. However, during peak times the turnaround time can go up to 72 hours.

Can I re-submit my revised assignment?

Yes, you can re-submit your revised assignment up to three times for feedback.

Can I get help on my take home exam/homework?

No, they will not provide you with ideas or written work that you may submit as your own. To do so would violate Academic Integrity and be in violation of KPU’s policy on plagiarism and cheating (see Policy C.8 at

If you need help with how to write in your own words, please book an appointment with a Learning Strategist. If you need help understanding the assignment requirements, please speak with your instructor.

Who are the WriteUp tutors?

WriteUp tutors are qualified, trained and experienced in helping students with their writing assignments (across all disciplines).