Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching is a student to student program designed to help increase academic success, reduce the frustration sometimes found in the learning process, address isolation among students, and establish a collaborative working environment in which students can develop personal academic plans.

Peer Coaches share successful practices, encourage students to reflect on their current practices and help them identify ways they can improve their learning and academic success. In this process the coach becomes a thinking partner, provides a level of objectivity about what is happening in the student's life, and provides a level of accountability to help students stay on track. Services are provided free to currently enrolled students.

International Peer Coaches are selected by International Education and Learning Centre Staff. They usually are third and fourth year students who have demonstrated excellent personal management skills, communication skills and have a high GPA. Once selected you will be provided with an extensive coaches training program.

Want to become a Peer Coach?

Fill out this Peer Coach Application Form, and submit your completed form and documentation to the Surrey Learning Centre.

Want to become an International Peer Coach?

Fill out this form to apply online. You will also attend a short interview session.