International Workshops

The following workshops are designed to help international students have a successful transition into the academic culture of KPU. In these workshops, students will be introduced to the Moodle platform, classroom communication skills, and ways to avoid plagiarism. These workshops are open to all KPU students!

Click the links below to register for any of the following workshops:

January 15, 2pm, Surrey- The Canadian Classroom: Using Moodle and Time Management

In this workshop, you will explore how classes and assignments are typically organized at KPU.  You will learn some tips and tricks for navigating Moodle, and will have the opportunity to ask questions about your course presentations. You will leave the workshop with a practical strategy for managing your time and coursework this semester.


January 22, 2pm, Surrey - The Culture of Academic Writing: Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism

You've heard about plagiarism and academic integrity policies, but you might be unsure of how to follow these policies well.  This workshop will introduce you to the key concepts behind the KPU academic integrity policies, and will provide you with some practical first steps to avoiding plagiarism.


January 29, 2pm, Surrey Classroom Communication: Communicating with Instructors and Managing Group Projects

Many courses at KPU require you to develop strong communication skills with your instructors and classmates.  In this workshop, you will explore strategies for developing a good relationship with your instructor, gaining participation marks, and working effectively on group projects.