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Mask wearing is now a matter of personal preference at KPU. Their use in indoor public areas is strongly recommended. [Read more]

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Thrive at KPU

Thrive @ KPU is an initiative dedicated to helping improve the health and wellness of students.

Thriving is a mindset – it is the capacity to perceive life through the lens of possibility. It means to prosper or flourish. At KPU, we want our community to thrive and invite everyone to reflect on the question, ‘How do you thrive?’

While all dimensions of health and wellness need our attention to truly thrive, the goal is to find a personal harmony with the dimensions that are most authentic for you. Each of these dimensions forms a piece of the wellness pie:

Emotional wellness inspires self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of inner strength.

Achieving a level of understanding and comfort with managing your financial situation.

Mental health is essential to your academic success as well as your ability to participate fully and meaningfully throughout all aspects of your life.

Daily movement, eating nutritiously, and getting adequate sleep will contribute to your success as a student.

Having a range of people to communicate with and offer mutual support provides a sense of belonging and purpose.

Spiritual well-being can be reflected in values and beliefs that determine life choices.

KPU would like to support you in thinking and doing more about your overall wellness. We believe the more we engage with one another about wellness, the better we are as individuals working and learning in our community. Let’s all do what we can to thrive!

Health & Wellness at KPU