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Saudi Arabia and Canada


Welcome to the Saudi Student Website

The website is designed to answer specific questions in regards to scholarship students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


KPU manages the Saudi Arabian Partnership program through the International Office. KPU International deals directly with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (SACB) in Canada in regards to student support and inquiries. SACB is the organization that facilitates the scholarship program in Canada on behalf of the Ministry of Higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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Relationship between KPU and SACB

KPU has built a very strong relationship with the SACB by helping its student’s transition from ESL to undergraduate programs, start and complete their undergraduate programs and support them through their studies. In addition, KPU is a qualified and approved institution to deliver academic programs by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Number of Students

KPU currently has 127 scholarship students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia studying full time at KPU.  KPU has 50 students who are completing their ESL studies and transitioning to their undergraduate programs and the remaining students are currently completing their undergraduate program. Most of the undergraduate students are studying under the faculty of Business. However, scholarship students are studying variety of programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science.


KPU has the biggest School of Business in Western Canada and scholarship students are studying a variety of business programs at KPU in addition to the faculty of Arts and Science.

KPU with the input of the SACB has designed a one-year, intensive ESL program to help scholarship students complete their English studies and requirements within the time available by their scholarship. The program offers an intensive two-month ESL courses to help students complete their ESL studies successfully. KPU has currently six levels of ESL courses in the program. If students start their ESL at the beginning of the program, they will be able to complete their studies within one year.


KPU supports KSA scholarship students through a variety of services. KPU has designated advisor that work directly with scholarship students. The advisor is a native Arabic speaker who is able to communicate with students in Arabic and answer all their questions and inquiries.

KPU also supports the language learning by offering extended tutoring and language assistant. KPU International in partnership with the Faculty of Academic and Careen Preparation, facilities by the ESL department, has designated specialized ESL tutors to work directly with the scholarship students to support them to complete their ESL program successfully as well as facilitate the language learning.

Events and Students Life

KPU International offers variety of activities to scholarship students to help them balance their academic studies and personal life. Each semester, KPU International holds a special event geared toward supporting scholarship students. In addition, KPU International offers other regular events open for all international students at KPU to foster the multiculturalism on campus.

KPU has designated a praying room on its campuses to help students practice their religious activities.

There Mosques are close and available to students around each campus. Students can walk or take the transit to go to the Mosque to practice their prayers and religious activities. The British Columbia Muslim association along with its central Mosque is on a walking distance from the Surrey campus.  In addition, the biggest Mosque in Canada is about 10km away from both campuses and the transit system is available for students to facilitate travelling to that Mosque.