Computer Simulation Exercises

Psychology Simulation Exercises (a.k.a. PsychSim): 

Please check your course outline and download the worksheet(s) you have to complete.  

After completing your worksheet(s), you submit it on Moodle. You should be able to find the submission section(s) from a course site. 

Title Worksheet 
Psychology's Timeline
What's Wrong With This Study File What's Wrong With This Study.docx 
Descriptive Statistics
Neural Messages
Hemispheric Specialization
Brain and Behaviour
Mate Selection (a.k.a. Dating and Mating) File Mate Selection.docx
Mind-Reading Monkeys
The Auditory System
Colorful World
Visual Illusions
Your Mind on Drugs
EEG and Sleep Stages
Maze Learning
My Head is Spinning
Classical Conditioning
Operant Conditioning
Monkey See, Monkey Do 
Iconic Memory
Short-Term Memory/Working Memory
When Memory Fails
Trusting Your Memory 
Get Smart
PSYC 2400 Mock Data

If you have any problems accessing the simulation exercises, please email the Psych Lab or call us at 604-599-2299.