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Computer Simulation Exercises


Psyc Sim exercises are only available in the Richmond/Surrey Psychology Lab

PsychSim 5.0 Worksheets: available in the Psych Labs (Surrey Fir214/Richmond 2400)
PsychSim 5.0 Activities List- please click here to find out which activities you can do for your course

If you have any problems accessing the simulation exercises, please visit the Psych Labs or call us at 604-599-2161.



Please visitMyPsychLab

You will be able to find “ LivePsych ” from the vertical toolbar under selected chapters.

LivePsych- Worksheets
Hard Copies are available in the Psych Labs
Please click on the title to download the worksheet

PSYC 1100 Online User Guide PSYC 1200 Online User Guide
Ch 1&2 Intro to Psych & its Method Ch 8 Social Psychology
Ch 4 Biological Psychology Ch 9 Thought, Language & Intelligence
Ch 3 Genes, Evolution & Environment Ch 11 Emotion
Ch 5 States of Consciousness Ch 13 Personality
Ch 6 Sensation & Perception Ch 14 Human Development
Ch 7 Learning Ch 15 Health, Stress and Well-being
Ch 10 Memory Ch 16 Psychological Disorders and Treatment