Mackenzie Presbyterian University Exchanging Hemispheres Program

Mackenzie Presbyterian University (MPU) is a private university in São Paulo, Brazil. MPU is an institution of higher learning that has a strong tradition and history in Brazil. It has campuses for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in São Paulo (Campus Higienópolis), Campinas, Barueri (Campus Alphaville), Brasilia, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1870 as the American School, Mackenzie is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Brazil. The university is regarded nationally and internationally as a center of excellence having graduated numerous important names in Brazilian history.

In July 2020, Mackenzie Presbyterian University (MPU) launched the Exchanging Hemispheres Program, a new institutional policy aimed at fostering the internationalization of the University, benefiting its students, professors, and also students and graduates from other national and international higher education institutions. Courses are led by a visiting scholar/faculty, peered by a Mackenzie Faculty, with expertise in the course subject.

Duration: One to two weeks (Courses are offered in modules of 20, 30, and up to 40 hours)

Time Period: Summer and Winter Course (offered in January, July, or August) 

Destination: Brazil

Course Delivery:

- Online: Courses are offered online, using flipped classroom methodologies; Or

- On-Campus: Courses in our Higienopolis, Campinas, or Alphaville camp, in São Paulo, Brazil, where professors and students can enjoy the facilities of Mackenzie Prebyterian University during summer (January/February) or winter (July/August) season, facilitating interactions and network building; Or

Hybrid: In this case, the courses are a combination of on-campus and online, with part of the content being offered virtually and the other part requiring the in-person participation of students.

Course Design:

Summer or winter courses are short courses that use active teaching methodology, with practical activities and a comparative approach. These courses are special in the sense that they offer students both the development of skills in their fields of study and intercultural competencies. In general, MPU programs adopt as teaching language English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese (for Portuguese speaking countries), offering the students the practice of another language and intercultural experiences. The visiting faculty will instigate the students to seek knowledge beyond the border of their country and observe different forms of professional performance, according to the context of the society in which students are inserted.

List of Courses Previously Offered: Click Here


  • US$100/per contact hour with the student; the Course can be 20, 30, and up to 40 hours - one or two weeks. Payment involves preparing and grading activities/Assessments.
  • Payment of air-ticket (economy class), travel insurance, four stars hotel accommodation, and meals expenses corresponding to R$150/day

Course Proposal:

Currently, MPU is calling for proposal submission for Southern Hemisphere Summer Session 2023. The course proposals should include the following:

  • Professional and Academic (CV, high resolution photo)
  • Course syllabus (Syllabus Template here)

Upcoming Proposal Submission Deadline:

Winter Session 2024 (Class in July/August 2024)- March 8, 2024
Summer Session 2024 (Class in January/February 2024) - September 6, 2024

*** Faculties who would like to participate in the program must get approval from their deans prior to starting the program. Office of Global Engagement would require an email from Dean's office to prove that faculties are allowed to attend the program. 

If you are interested in the program or have any questions, please reach out to the Office of Global Engagement via