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CUD and KPU Partnership

In 2024, Canadian University Dubai (CUD) and Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) entered an articulation agreement to enhance educational opportunities for CUD students. This agreement allows Bachelor of Science in Interior Design students from CUD to immerse themselves in a diverse academic environment, facilitating a seamless transition between CUD and KPU. Subsequently, students can pursue the Bachelor of Interior Design Program and the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) Program at KPU.

Upon successful enrollment in the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Program from CUD, eligible students who meet KPU's admission requirements can seamlessly transition to KPU for their continued studies. Applicants are required to submit their applications by March 1st for the academic year they intend of start – Fall Semester (September), and early submission is encouraged to secure a spot in the program. Some limited intake programs close early due to high demand. Notably, CUD students have the opportunity to transfer up to 64 credits to KPU when they enroll in the Bachelor of Interior Design Program or Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) Program.

It is important to note that CUD students may earn extra credits, but these credits will not be applicable to both the Bachelor of Interior Design and the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) programs at KPU. Any additional transfer credits can be applied to other programs at KPU, and the exact amount depends on the program selected.

Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) / BID (Honours ) Pathway

This collaboration fosters an educational pathway that empowers students to take bold strides toward their academic and professional aspirations.


Number of Transfer Credits from CUD

Number of Remaining Credits at KPU  

KPU Bachelor of Interior Design Program 



KPU Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) Program 




Transfer Credit 

KPU has created a mapping of transfer credits for our Bachelor of Interior Design Program and Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) Program to provide a convenient reference for students interested in these programs. However, it's important to note that program requirements at KPU and CUD may undergo changes during periodic program reviews, which could impact the transfer pathway. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend contacting the International Admissions Office. 


CUD Course

Subject Title

KPU Course Code

Subject Title


Semester 1 at CUD

LNG171English INot Transferrable, you will need to take ENGL 1100 at KPU 
MTH196Mathematics for BusinessBUQU1XXX Unassigned Credit 
DES121 & 161Design Theory & Introduction to Design (Studio)IDSN1101Studio 1DES 121 & 161 will transfer to IDSN 1101 at KPU
DES OR IND231Sustainability of Buildings (Elective) OR Interior Finishes and MaterialsIDSN1121Building Technologies 1***Transfer students are required to consult with CUD's Interior Design Chair regarding the selection of ONE of the following courses prior to enrolling at KPU. DES 231 serves as an elective, while IND 343 is available during semester 5 at CUD. Kindly reach out to your CUD advisor for further guidance.
DES171Drafting & ModelingIDSN1141Construction Documentation 1 
ENT141 & 142Fund. of Innovation & Entrepreneurship 1 & Fundamentals of Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2ENTR1200Introduction of EntrepreneurshipThis course is combined with ENT 142

Semester 2 at CUD

LNG172English IINot Transferrable to KPU 
DES172Freehand Drawing & RenderingIDSN1245Design Communication 1 
DES122Human FactorsIDSN2375Human Factors 
DES162Fundamentals of Design (Studio)IDSN1212Studio 2 
ENT142Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2ENT142Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2This course was combined with ENT 141. Please see above.
GED199UAE SocietyNot Transferrable to KPU 

Semester 3 at CUD

DES221History of Architecture & Interior Design 1IDSN1135Design Awareness 1 
DES241Construction & Design IntegrationIDSN1221Building Technologies 2 
DES261Design Principles (Studio)IDSN2303Studio 3 
DES271Computer Aided DesignIDSN1241Construction Documentation 2 
ENT241 & 242Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1 & Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2ENTR2200InnovationThis course is combined with ENT 242.

Semester 4 at CUD

DES222History of Architecture & Interior Design 2IDSN1235Design Awareness 2 
IND242Construction and Design Integration: Interior DesignIDSN2325Building Technologies 3 
IND232 & 262Research & Design Applications & Residential Design (Studio)IDSN2404Studio 4 
ENT242Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2ENT242Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2This course was combined with ENT 241. Please see above. 
DES341Environmental Systems & Design IntegrationIDSN2425Building Technologies 4This course is typically offered in semester 5 at CUD. However, for students interested in transferring to KPU, it's advisable to discuss with their Interior Design Chair the possibility of taking it earlier to facilitate their transfer process.
DES373Visualization (elective)IDSN2445Design Technologies 3This course is typically offered in semester 7 at CUD. However, for students interested in transferring to KPU, it's advisable to discuss with their Interior Design Chair the possibility of taking it earlier to facilitate their transfer process.

CUD Students Transfer to KPU

To streamline your transfer credit process to KPU and successfully complete your studies, it's crucial to adhere to the study plan provided and engage in discussions with your Interior Design Chair at CUD before initiating your application. Our dedicated team is readily available to assist you every step of the way, offering guidance and support throughout the transfer process. It's important to note that while additional courses taken at CUD may potentially transfer to KPU and fulfill program requirements upon transfer, such evaluations will be conducted on a case-by-case basis. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the recognition of your prior coursework towards your academic goals.


Admission Requirements

Students applying for admission to KPU are required to submit an admission application form and applicable application fee. Students are subject to all KPU admission requirements. If you are a CUD student with questions, please contact International Future Student.   


CUD students admitted to a KPU program are subject to standard fees as outlined in KPU policy and Calendar.

English Proficiency Requirements for Admission

English is the primary language of study at KPU; therefore, all applicants must be able to demonstrate the appropriate level of English language proficiency for their graduate, undergraduate, vocational or preparatory area of study. For test options and more info, please click here.


About CUD


Founded as a private university in 2006, Canadian University Dubai (CUD) was the first licensed Canadian university outside of Canada. CUD offers world-class Canadian education system to the dynamic city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with its powerfully built network of Canadian partners. CUD has maintained #1 university rank in Dubai based on QS World University Rankings 2024 and Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023.

Committed to providing and serving students with an international academic experience, Canadian University Dubai delivers a wide range of programs such as, Architecture & Interior Design, Communication and Media, Applied Science and Technology, Engineering, Management, etc.  Each of the academic programs provides an opportunity for students to start their higher education in Dubai and then transfer credits to CUD’s Canadian or other international partners across five continents. 

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