International Students - Graduation Checklist

If this is your last semester, please note you need to apply for graduation at KPU.

Graduation Checklist

One Semester Before Final Semester

Review degree requirements

You can find your specific program requirements in the University Calendar. If you are fulfilling requirements for graduation from a previous year's University Calendar, please go to Previous University Calendars. You can also use KPU's graduation audit software My Action Plan (MAP) to plan your courses and ensure you are on track to graduate.

Check in with an advisor

KPU's academic advising provides students with central, international and specialized advising teams to assist you as you progress towards graduation. Click here to determine which advisor you should contact. You can also find drop-in information on different advising teams' webpages. For booking an advising appointment, please go to Advisor Connect.

If you want to meet with an International Student Advisor, please click here to join both virtual and in-person appointments and drop-ins.

Last chance for program declaration

Find more about what is declaration, why you need to declare, how to declare online and what if you missed the declaration deadlines for your final semester by visiting the Program Declaration page, the handout or the prerecorded video.

Deadlines for Program Declaration


Early deadline

Final deadline

Fall (September)

June 1

July 1

Spring (January)

October 1

November 1

Summer (May)

February 1

March 1

Clear/avoid holds

Holds are administrative blocks on registration and/or graduation. You can view your holds in Online Self Service (OSS). Make sure you clear all the holds before you apply for graduation.

Connect with the Career Center

KPU's Career Development Centre is aiming to support all KPU students and graduates in transitioning from the 'learning experience' to the 'working experience'. Visit their office today or join their Virtual Drop-in Services to improve your job-searching skills.

Final Semester

Update your personal information

It's important for you to keep your personal information up-to-date for KPU to contact you with essential information, for example, receiving transcripts and credentials. Find more on how to update your personal information here.

Understand graduation milestone

Apply for graduation early

International students are encouraged to apply for graduation in the first two months of their last semester, so you can have an earlier graduation date. Please visit our Academic Advising Videos - Graduations for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for graduation via Online Self Service (OSS). 

Important dates and deadlines

Last TermApplication TimeGraduation Time
(Senate Meeting)


Fall Term

(Sep – Dec)

Sep 1 – Oct 31

End of January


Nov 1 – Dec 31

End of February


Spring Term

(Jan – Apr)

Jan 1 – Feb 28

End of May


Mar 1 – Apr 30

End of June


Summer Term

(May – Aug)

May 1 –  Aug 31

End of September


  • Use the Apply to Graduate module in Online Self Service to apply to graduate. You can find the step-by-step instruction in the video of “How do I apply to graduate”.
  • Only if the Apply to Graduate module in OSS does not show your program should you use the form Graduation and Convocation Application. For example, if you missed the declaration deadline to have an effective declared status in your final semester for the program you want to graduate from, you need to use the form to apply for graduation.
  • The header of your MAP audit will show the status of your application. You can also expect an email from the Graduation Office once your application has been received and assessed.

Invite your family and friends to visit

You may want to invite your family or friends to your convocation. To support their applications, you can draft an invitation letter yourself. Please note KPU does not issue invitation letters for inviting students' family and friends to Canada. For more information, you can visit the Non-Academic Support page.

Finish strong

Work hard to finish your final semester strong. This term would be the last opportunity for you to resolve any unmet graduation requirements of your program. Do not hesitate to book an appointment with your advisor to check your progression.

Monitor your graduation application status

Once you have applied for graduation, you can check your graduation status on your My Action Plan or your Online Self-Service account (Student Menu > Records > View Application to Graduate).

If it shows “Pending”, it means your application is subject to be reviewed. If it shows “Requires Senate Approval”, it means your application has been assessed and meets the graduation standard. And after the scheduled Senate meeting, your status will be changed to “Graduated”.

If your application status shows as “Pending for other documents”, it means you do not meet the requirements yet and need to speak to an advisor as soon as possible.

Apply for official transcript

To prepare for your future PGWP application, you can order your official transcript in your last semester. KPU's official transcript includes all courses attempted and the resultant grade, the term and cumulative GPAs, academic standing, awarded transfer credit, and any credential(s) awarded.

You can find complete online order instruction here. In order to have your official transcript cover all your grades, please choose “Hold for Grades” in the transcript options. If you would like your transcript indicate you've graduated, please choose “Hold for Degree” in the transcript options. Please note usually you will receive the transcript sooner with the option of “Hold of Grades” and it is sufficient for the Post-Graduation Work Permit application.

Understand your working eligibility

Wondering about your working eligibility in your graduation period? Check out the International Student Working Eligibility website to understand when you need to stop working and when you can resume your work.

Graduation and Afterwards

Attend PGWP workshop

International Academic and Immigration Advising team hosts Post-Graduation Work Permit workshop during graduation seasons to assist international students to understand the PGWP Program and how to navigate the application process. The most recent workshop time will be posted on the website here.

Congratulations! You've graduated!

Your credential will be conferred to you on the Senate meeting you are scheduled to graduate. You will receive a confirmation email on or one day after your graduation date. This means you have officially graduated! Your credential will be mailed to you within 5-10 business days following your graduation date.

International students will automatically receive their PGWP letters within 5 business days after the graduation date.

Apply for PGWP

If you are interested in staying in Canada and gaining valuable Canadian work experience, you can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a PGWP. To check your program eligibility and understand how to apply for a PGWP, please visit the IRCC website and prepare your application accordingly.

Update MSP

After graduating from KPU, if you plan to stay in BC with a different immigration status (such as a PGWP holder), remember to update your status with Health Insurance BC. For detailed instructions, please visit Updating or Confirming Status in Canada.

Please note if you will be on maintained status while waiting for your PGWP, you may be able to request temporary MSP coverage. For more information, please visit here.

Keep in touch with KPU alumni

The KPU Alumni Association will bring together KPU alumni and help them build lifelong relationships with the university and the community, increasing the institution's reputation and the impact that graduates have on KPU and the world. Visit KPU Alumni Association to learn more about the perks, events, networking opportunities and more.