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Full-Time Status and Scheduled Breaks


KPU Immigration Purpose Document

  • Click PDF icon here(Last updated: April 14, 2021)

Full-Time Status and Part-Time Status

  • A student who is enrolled in nine or more credit hours in a semester (including undergraduate and preparatory courses) is considered to be full-time at KPU.
  • A student who is registered in less than nine credit hours of study in a semester (including undergraduate and preparatory courses) is considered a part-time student at KPU. 

Scheduled Breaks

  • Break between academic semesters
    • The day after posted final exam period until the day before the start of the next semester.
  • Reading break in Spring semester
  • KPU's Scheduled Break
    • One of the: Fall (September), Spring (January) or Summer (May) semesters provided the student remains enrolled full-time at KPU in the term preceding the break and in the term following the break.

* According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, to be considered a regularly scheduled break, the break must be part of the DLI's academic calendar (for instance, winter and summer holidays, Reading Week). Each regularly scheduled break should not be longer than 150 days. The maximum cumulative duration of scheduled breaks is 180 days per calendar year (date modified: 2019-06-24). 

Studying and Working in Canada as an International Student


Last updated: May 15, 2020